Orlok and The Flesh Pits

Orlok screamed roughly as two burly men tossed him into a dark room, leaving him unable to make much out. He coughed and just barely caught sight of a pair of shiny sparkly feet move back into the darkness.

The door closed behind him.

"Now, I don't mean any offence but I feel like I'm about to meet someone who's more than a little rapey. Please tell me you're actually a lesbian and that I'm safe." Orlok moaned on the floor.

His mind flashed in a booze-induced hallucination. He saw a short creature-man-thing with very furry feet in front of a keyboard. In his mind's eye he glared at the creature and scribbled the phrase 'Keep it consensual, please.' on the hobbit's forehead.

Rowan always liked to have some "alone time" with her new pets. She stepped forward to stand over the man placing her hands on her hips.

Orlock groaned and rolled over. She crouched down to get a better view and ran her fingers through his hair gently, and again, and then she gripped his scalp tightly, drawing his half closed eyes up to her own.

"No offence taken my pretty boy." She purred, "I can be what ever you like, but no pretty boy, no you are not safe."

She let his head drop.

"Sleep now and when you wake we will have a nice long chat."

She stood and kicked him sharply in the ribs. The drugs were kicking in hard and she needed to lie down. For a moment it felt like something was scratching words on his forehead.

"If he breaks the fourth wall again while I am gone, remove his balls with a pair of nailclippers." She spoke the words into the darkness and left the cell with a firm nod.

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