God in his Heaven - Prt 03

OCON Arcology
Director of Internal Security
Day 004 - 1845L

He turned his attention's once again to the windows and the world beyond it while news of the days events played out across a hundred displayed images.

"And we're certain of this ?" Oda remarked.

Mr Black chief of OCON secret police nodded. " Without question Director. The propaganda the Corporation is feeding the media channels is a total fabrication. The man has had no contact with his great great granddaughter since her birth and according to our sources he had all but disowned her mother shortly after her marriage to her second husband. "

Oda nodded reviewing the data that had been channeled to him through the link while reviewing the folder in hand. " And you suspect he may have in fact ordered the girl to be killed ? "

Mr Black nodded. "There is no direct connection but there are a number suspect data hits coupled with a number of red flags that would suggest that this is a very likely scenario. "

" Excellent work as always Mr Black. " Oda nodded his approval returning the folder he held to the collection gathered on his desk.

" Sadly even if we had proof that the man had killed the girl with his own hands and recordings of his raping her it is unlikely we'll gain any traction in the media. The Corporations and its dogs are hungry for blood and wont be put off by either proof or commonsense."

" Even OCON has been sucked into this insanity and is in agreement upon this current course of action." Oda sighed turning his attention to the city again. " What I cannot not yet grasp is what is he after. The girls death was clearly intended to set events into motion but the why of it continues to elude me."

Mr Black nodded. " We will find out Director its just a matter of time."

" Time, time is something we clear do not have enough of." Oda shrugged.

Mr Black's gaze did not rise to meet but remained fixed on the collection of papers on the table before him.

" Maybe we're looking at this wrong." Mr. Black offered thoughtfully as his fingers moved the pages before him randomly. " We've been assuming that this is corporate acquisition move and maybe for the others it is that, but notice how quickly it spread to the other districts."

Oda looked on thoughtfully. " Has something come to mind? "

Mr. Black nodded thoughtful. " The body was clearly planted there and was discovered in a very public and very dramatic fashion but how and by whom?"

Oda reflected on the collected data in his shortterm memory. " These are valid points Mr Black. I want these questions answered ... You have 32 hours to find me something we can use to our advantage."


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