Orlok And Rowan

Orlok woke up tied to a chair in a white padded room and sighed in disgust to himself. He luckily still had all of his clothing so the myriad of scars on him were unseen at least for now.

"You know, I really don't like this week." He sighed before an unfairly gorgeous woman entered, trailed by... a gimp pushing a trolley of torture tools.

He sighed and did his best to scratch his nose while his arms were tied. Waggling his eyebrows brought no relief.

"You know, I get the feeling you weren't hugged enough as a child Miss... Yeah it occurs to me that I have fuck all idea who you are. You'd not be under the employ of that one cannibal midget from Texas, would you? That bitch owes me money." He rolled his eyes and very pointedly passed wind in the woman's direction.

Tortue? Ha! As if mere agony of the body would be enough to hurt ORLOK!!!! THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!!!! THE MOTHERFUCKING DESTROYER OF PLANETS AND THE GAWD KING OF THE LESBIANS!!!!

Now if she broke out the fucking Bieber he'd do whatever she wanted but he'd not be telling her that.

"So, how did you feel about the original Teen Titans cartoon. Fuck that GO! remake." He chatted.

"Take a few of his finger nails off." She ordered the gimp and then walked over and sat herself on Orlocks knee, while the leather clad creature picked up the pliers.

"If we are talking vintage, I much prefer Young Justice." She raised her eye brows as the gimp got the pliers into place. "Though I have to admit Ron Pearlman as deathstrike, makes me..." there was a quiet sucking sound as one of Orlocks finger nails came free. "Wet." She finished licking her lips.

Orlocks had not moved, had not made a sound, he was grinning.

"Oh I think I'm in love." Rowan purred.

She ran her finger along his chin, "You were asking about Rowan, about me. Why did you want to find me pretty boy. Do tell. That way we get to keep things... consensual."

To be continued...

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