Orlok and the Sandwich

Call him old-fashioned but Orlok could only listen to so much techno before he started to go insane. The mine-bosses like to keep a 'positive atmosphere' by blasting Nu-Pop and Wundstep every chance they got but it got old very fast.

It was common knowledge that when production got low they'd break out the Polka. When a miner misbehaved they'd put him in a cell and sync Justin Bieber's uploaded memories and songs directly to his cell for a day.

Never any longer, else they risked killing the miner.

"Hey, Orlok, whatch'a jamming?" Someone called from deeper in the shaft, one of the female miners, colloquially known by the affectionate nickname of 'Pick-Bitches' in the pits. The dudes were either 'Rock-Fucker' or 'Dirtdouche'. Only close friends referred to each other this way though, for fear of getting their shit slapped.

Orlok had never managed to irritate someone to the point of getting his face all messed up and sent back to him in a box but he'd come close a few times, owing to his apparently annoying personality and big mouth.

"Some old sea-shanty. Drunken Sailor!" He yelled back from where he was relaxing on an old support beam.

"Man, who the hell still listens to that shit? Isn't it like seven centuries old?! It's gotta be all old a covered in dirt by now!" The Pick Bitch yelled back with a chuckle.

"NO!!! That's not how music works, the older the better! It's like how artists only get rich once they die!! The Music improves with age, like wine!"

"Man, you're crazy. You on break?"

"Yeah, we're about the blast open D Tunnel, watch your head."

"Will do, thanks." The miner left with a wave.

Orlok sighed, he didn't want to go crawl into a hole to blow it up... at least not yet. He hadn't finished lunch yet. He was just about to bite into his seventh sandwich for the day (His job worked up an appetite, bugger off) when the horn went off and he sighed.

"Orlok, you lazy shit. You were supposed to be D Tunnel ten minutes ago!" A loud voice bellowed and Orlok sighed.

Foreman Gump was a large, fat man who had never taken a shower in his life and had a face only a mother could love... if she was blind and dumb.

"Well, I might have been there quicker if someone hadn't made me stay half an hour later to work on a tunnel outside my shift, [i]Boss/i]. I can only be in so many places at once." Orlok yelled back and gestured to A Tunnel irritably.

Gump was about to say something else but got caught in a mob of miners heading to D Tunnel. Orlok sighed and scooted away, hiding his scowl behind his sunglasses.

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