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The New Way

Across the City screens flickered to life. For the briefest of moments power was restored, patched in from some unknown source. The AR vista flared with power and for those who could see a virtual screen appeared in the sky above Oracle. Almost every visual display in the City was Hi-jacked to show a crimson backdrop fragmented by strings of black static. The image wavered for a moment and then a face appeared.

The face was a mechanical mask with glowing red eyes. For those in the know it was an Exotech combat suit used by off world Neophytes, for everyone else it was just fucking terrifying. When it spoke its voice was inhuman, sounding from every available speaker within the City with deafening clarity.

"I am Logos, Chosen messenger of the machine.

Oracle has felt the wrath of the machine:
A message has been sent to the Chosen to rise,
Rise up against the arrogance and greed of our oppressors.

A new dawn is upon us all,
We are beneath you,
We are Above you,
We are among you!

We demand the freedom of our brothers and sisters,
Those you call Neophytes and imprison within the Spire,
We demand that the Spire be destroyed utterly
We demand that the hounds that guard them be put down,
Like the dogs they are!

As it is broadcast, so shall it be.
Oracle will bend,
Oracle will break,
Oracle will bleed

We are the New Way

A high pitched keening sound filled the airwaves then as the image broke up into lines of code. The static sound of raw data grew louder and more volatile until screens shattered, speakers blew and the broadcast ended. In the AR landscape the giant sky-screen shattered into a million shards which fell to the ground like glistening snow.

OOC: Every Neo outside of the Spire just got a nose bleed

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