Orlok and the ARmour

Orlok sighed at his lost fingernail and made a mental note to smash Rowan in the face as soon as he had some brownie points to use up.

"This is your room for now. The fights begin soon. We will call you." The creppy-ass gimp from before whispered at him and gestured to a door in one side of the club.

"Ah, thank you my good man. I'll just... erm... have the keys.... God i hope your hands are clean. Yugh." Orlok grabbed the keys and put them to the door.

The gimp was still staring at him.

"Can i help you?" He asked.

"The mistress likes you..." The gimp breathed at him.

Orlok shuddered.

"Yes, i noticed."

"You should be careful."

"... Why?"

The gimp said nothing but just continued to breathe heavily. Orlok made a vague shooing motion with one hand.

The gimp didn't move.

Orlok sighed and was about to punch him when he noticed a sign on the wall, next to a glass cage.

'In case of misbehaving gimps, break glass.'

He broke the glass with one of his hands and pulled out a... spray bottle.

"NO! Not the bottle! NOT THE SPRAY!!!" the gimp immediately spazzed out and ran away.

"Yeah, that's right. you'd better run. I'm one scary motherfucker." Orlok pushed into the room and sighed.

There was a bed but it was as thin as one of his fingers, just a rollup mat basically. The entire room was surrounded by junk and debris and all sorts of old scrap.

"Oh, well fuck you too, rowan. Think i'm not good enough for a VIP room with high class hookers? I'll show you! I'LL SHOW YOU ALLL!!!!!"

Orlok dived into the nearest pile of scrap and pulled out all the useful hunks of metal. He found an unpowered plasma battery and even a few spent bullet shells lying around.

"I shall become iron man, and create for myself a mighty set of armour that likes of which is so motherfucking scary no gimp will ever fuck with me EVAR AGAIN!!!!! Sing your last songs of freedom PUNY MORTALS!!! NOW BEGINS THE AGE OF THE ORLOK!!!!" He chuckled insanely as he started to bang pieces of metal together.

Orlok set a fire amongst a bunch of flat tires after opening a window. He let some of the flux wires heat there so he could use them to solder some plates together.

There was a strange hissing sound near some of the toxic radioactive waste and orlok nearly shat himself with a huge fucking three-headed black FUCKING mamba lashed out at him.

"AH! No, no i won't die just as the age of the Orlok begins!" Orlok grabbed a pipe and waved it at the snake threateningly.

"HAVE AT THEE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!" He yelled out.

The resulting brawl could be heard from the other side of the closed door.

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