Trading Favors - Prt 03

The South 40
The Toybox
Day 12 - 0400L

The place was old fashion bordering on ancient right down to doorbell that chimed as she walked through the door. That being said she liked it ... there was something to be for a place that didn't relay on a Virtual hostess at the door welcoming you by name everytime you walked through the door.

The big guy behind the register glancing up from the textbook he was reading nodding welcome.

> Speaking In Russian <

" It been awhile little sister... " Boris offered giving her an upward glance before returning his attention to the textbook laid out on the counter. " How's the business ?"

Mei smiled shrugging her shoulders. " Another day, another body. How about you Boris still babysitting the register for the old hippy ? "

Boris shrugged. " It's quiet, Lets me concentrate on the material."

" Lucky... " Mei smiled nodding her understanding.

Boris was like every other Russian grunt she'd meet in the service. In fact surprisingly nearly a third of ship she was assigned was Russian thus the need to pick up the language. Boris was an old Soul trapped in the world of the now living by a code most had forgotten. While she would likely never know more than she did about his background he was fiercely loyal to old man Bridger which meant that the Old man had done Boris a favor that Boris was more than willing to spend a lifetime paying off if the Code called for it.

"Speaking of which... " Boris glanced under the counter behind the register and pulling out a small box. " It took awhile getting here but finally arrived last week ... I hadn't gotten around to calling to tell you it had arrived."

" A week huh ?" Mei smirked noting that delivery date was three months ago.

Boris shrugged. " Maybe more ... I knew you be back though. "

Mei nodded stuffing it into her pocket. " Is that pimp Edger here ?"

Boris nodded motioning to the back. " He's hiding in one of the viewing booths. Got some bad men after him by the looks of the jackboots that came in here looking for him about an hour ago."

"Figures ..."

"Get him out of here would you. He's bleeding all over the floor back there."


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