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Summary: Helping you walk the path to success

Dr. William J. Armstrong

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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Faculty



Class & Major

Professor of Psychology


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180lbs
A soft-edged man of smaller stature. He keeps a casual air about himself with a short haircut and bit of goatee. He always makes sure that he is capable of appearing more formal at a moment's notice, due to the head of the department's strict demands of professionalism.


Dr. Armstrong still acts as though he is a student of R.E.O.U, often found joking with students around campus. Although he is very passionate about his teaching job, he only wants to improve the lives of his students and doesn't care for the hard-line curriculum that is set by his department head.


A former student of R.E.O.U, Dr. Armstrong is something of the prodigal son of the Psychology department. He caused quite a stir with his unconventional methods, but once out of the more rigid curriculum and out into the real world, he found great success in his studies. He particularly is famed for his analysis of what he calls the "inner strength" of people that he believes is an important differentiation between winners and losers.



Fun Fact(s)

Seems to always have some kind of candy at his desk, but he is particular to sour apple himself

Group Associations

Psychology department, oversees School Spirit team, Volunteers lots of time to the Mental Health and Wellness center.

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