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Summary: Just a gentle hand at the wheel of fate

Driver's Seat

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Gender: ??

Age: ??

Group: Others


Unknown, likely American given southern accent

Class & Major



Stand appearance: A male figure wearing full black cowboy boots, pants, and a black biker jacket. On it's head there is a motorcycle helmet which provides complete coverage. Driver's Seats's body is completely made of shadows.


While the stand's ability might lead one to an egotistical self-appraisal, Driver's Seat seems to be someone fully concerned with the public good. They try to be a source of guidance and knowledge


The only backstory that is known of Driver's Seat at this time is that it has been contacting many individuals and appearing in their dreams.

Fun Fact(s)

The couches in the shared dream world are made from real leather! Somehow.....that's....actually kinda worrying

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Image of Driver's Seat
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