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Summary: The heads of the school! So glad to meet you!

Dr. Mickey and Sylvia Strange

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Gender: Mickey (male), Sylvia (female)

Age: 62 & 64

Group: Faculty


American, Asian Heritage

Class & Major

Headmaster(s) of REOU


Mickey: 160lbs, 5'10", Black hair with white sideburns slicked back on his head, very defined eyebrows and facial hair, age lines mark his face, though a smile is nearly always on his face.
Sylvia: 120lbs, 5'11", Similarly black hair with white marks, usually kept in some kind of bun. Wears light amounts of makeup, has a tattoo on her right arm.


Both Mickey and Sylvia are fun, energetic souls. They both enjoy silly jokes and carry with them a bright and happy atmosphere. When apart they might occasionally become more serious in their roles, but together they cannot help but be happy.


Highschool sweethearts that have done everything together. Coming from California, they have had success at a few other colleges and private schools from the west to east coast. They have been in the position of Headmaster of REOU for about 13 years now.



Fun Fact(s)

Run a very cute Instagram and Snapchat profiles that they update during their early morning walks around the lake.

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REOU Faculty

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Image of Dr. Mickey and Sylvia Strange
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