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Summary: I have a plan, and you're either a part of it or in the way

Sirah Mitchell

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Students



Class & Major

Pre-Med, Computer Science


Black unkempt hair, and large eye glasses are a constant of her 'look'. She has what many would call a 'hardcore academic' body type in that she does not have much in the way of muscle or body fat. Her clothing is always one degree more formal than can be expected, and always without a crease or fold out of place.


Studious and precise to what some (most) would consider a fault, Sirah is the picture of academic competition. She has a clear life plan and will never deviate from it. Her tone is near robotic and the only emotions she does tend to show is either mild surprise in new information or disgust.



Fun Fact(s)

Once thought about adding a walk outside to her daily calendar but got over it

Group Associations

Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity

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Image of Sirah Mitchell
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