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Summary: Ready to knock you out of the park

Jack Norworth

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Students



Class & Major

Sophomore: Business Administration


Athletic build but somehow kinda lanky. Keeps his brown hair buzz-cut, usually has a racing stripe if it's a newer cut.
Clothing wise he usually has some kind of baseball paraphernalia incorporated into his outfit, though now most of the school issued equipment has gone into disrepair.


To say he thinks highly of himself would be an understatement. Jack Norworth only seems to care about two things, baseball and his own personal glory. His teammates assure others that he means well and is decent once you get to know him, but anyone outside the baseball team does little but draw his ire.


On an athletic scholarship and not afraid to admit it, Jack Norworth comes from an otherwise prestigious family. While no one in his immediate familial range is of prominence, he has several noteworthy family members with prominent political and business careers. Perhaps the most important connection is the line of family members who have attended R.E.O.U in the past.

Fun Fact(s)

Litearlly always has some kind of baseball equiptment on his person, typically his bat that he calls 'Schmidt'

Group Associations

R.E.O.U Baseball Club Team

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