This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Mar 5, 2019, 9:51am


1. Don't be a dick, don't metagame, etc. etc.
2. Be respectful of other characters' actions
2a. Don't completely ignore someone's actions
2b. Don't dictate someone else's actions without the other players
permission. Also please don't kill someone's character without
permission, I feel this should be made extra apparent
3. Posts must exceed two full, high-school level sentences. I'm not asking for grammatical perfection but there shouldn't be a question about what you are doing because of your poor writing ability
4. COMMUNICATE: We will be using shared google docs for posting and will be setting up a hangout for chatting. You can send private messages, please let people know when you finish your section, when you need to go on a break, etc. Also we're all probably decent people to talk to anyway
5. Please do not make an OP character, the spirit of these stories is overcoming your weaknesses or playing to your particular strength. Having a character who is great at everything is going to be boring for everyone else aside from you.
6. All posts should be written (mostly) in the 3rd person, it will help everyone to keep the post styles similar
7. No double postings, and ensure that everyone in your scenario has a chance to post before you go, unless you are given permission by the other players
8. Please try to stay active in the chat or posting here, it you ghost us then we will be forced to move on without you, and for sake of story and fun we'd like to keep everyone involved!
9. Narrators or admins acting as narrators have the final say on the outcome of events. If you believe this is wrong please communicate (see how important rule 4 is?) to resolve the issue, we might not understand your intent with your actions and we can clarify and edit the outcome