A Beautiful Sunshiny Day

"Hello dear listeners and good morning Westdale! It's your favorite early bird coming to you live from R.E.O. University! We're just a few days away from move-in day folks so you better enjoy these last few days of peace and quiet while they last...I'm joking of course! I love these crazy kids! But seriously folks, it's a B-E AUtiful 76 degrees and sunny today and just looking outside gives me some summer fever. Looks like it'll be a wonderful day for just about anything you want to do today.."

The Stranges made their way around the lake as they always did, especially on wonderful mornings like today. They both had their athletic wear on, or as they preferred to call it their 'can-do suits', and were keeping a steady jog as they conversed.

The woman, and slightly taller of the two, Sylvia was just finishing up commenting on the lovely look of the lake that morning. "...and it looks so much better than last week now that we got the pond scum cleared up. Ooh and the geese look so much more regal."

The man, Mickey, was happily looking over everything his wife pointed out, and couldn't help but feel a sense of personal pride at the appearance of the school, especially this close to move-in day. "It is incredibly lovely my dear. I hope that everyone is able to appreciate it like this. I feel like the students are so focused on their phones these days, and with that terrible spree of accidents last semester.."

"Oh hush, they'll adore it. And don't you worry about last year, it'll all be better this time around I'm sure. Also, the subject of phones reminded me.." She stopped herself and her husband and held up her phone as she smiled and threw up a piece sign with her other hand, "say cheese!"

Mickey quickly responded with a big toothy smile of his own toward the phone camera. Once finished he put a hand to his chin in thought, 'How about, so excited for everyone to come back, get ready to put the U in R.E.O.U!"

Sylvia gave a thoughtful look over her keyboard before responding, "You know what that works wonderfully, although it is very corny." She laughed slightly as she entered in the text to her Instagram post, adding on #REOU and #2019 before clicking publish.

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, "It's perfect."

He gave her a warm smile, "speaking of corn though, how are the barbeque plans coming along?"

The couple continued their jog, the sun shining through the trees and around the buildings of the University, "You know I haven't even started on that? I've been completely fixed on move-in day. As long as nothing bizarre happens I think we'll be just fine."

"A perfect start to a perfect year"

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