The Clean Up

The apartment was orderly, clean, and just the right amount of sun. They sat on the early Wednesday morning soaking in the early sun. It reminded them of a simpler time, perhaps even before college, even earlier, though those thoughts were so far away now. The coffee stirred in front of them, the swirling clouds of heat a calming image on their mind.

They took a long sip of sweet, sweet, caffeine as they could almost predict the following knock at their door. If it wasn't one thing it was another, they thought to themselves before rising from a perfectly comfortable reclining chair and coming slowly to the door. The past had long ago weaned out the need for them to check the peep hole and so they opened the door fully, allowing a gust of warm air to sweep their morning robe into a small fury.

Before them spoke two peons of their beloved organization. They said nothing at first, so at least they were well trained peons, they though to themselves. Their eyes said nothing but they moved aside to allow both inside as there was obviously nothing to discuss in front of the few people taking their early semester 'walk of shames'.

The first one to speak, much to the leader's chagrin, was the shifter. Morphing into their original form they immediately pulled the artifact from their back, "We just wanted to stop by and let you know we took care of all that trouble for you boss"

They turned and sat, quite obliviously, into a kitchen chair and looked back at the pair, "I'm sorry I hadn't the slightest idea what you mean by that. Might you enlighten me?" The question was, as always, a test, but it was so much fun with these lower level peons to see how they groveled themselves.

The shifter spoke up first of course, the other more senior member knew to hang their head as a response, "Well we secured the arrow, it was actually really easy aside from one witness which we cleaned up and already contacted the Vulture ab-" the elder member of the pair elbowed the other to silence them and given an appropriate head nod. It was the best to expect of a bow in this age, but nevertheless the elder member continued where the younger left off, "We recovered the item you sought after, no loose ends, no witnesses left alive. Everything has already been handled by the history chair and we will report to our more immediate superior with further details." The dark haired male bowed and placed an arrow upon the kitchen table. It would be more appropriate to perhaps say THE arrow, but they never liked adding importance to things peons shouldn't know about.

But nevertheless, there it sat, aged and yet so new. It taunted them with it's power. They nearly felt the need to again reach out and grasp it quickly and safely for old time's sake, but fought back the feeling for appearance's sake. Instead they contented themselves with the rich blend of coffee pouring down their gullet.

They left the pair in silence and anticipation for a bit, fitting of course for their position, before responding a simple, " may leave"

The shifter appeared perturbed by the response but before they could provide what would have most likely have been an amusing outburst before a rousing round of silencing some insolence, they were caught by the elder member, "Thank you" they both eventually responded before leaving of their own power.

The boss, sipped deeply of the caffeine before considering the arrow placed on their table again. One more loose end, they thought, and another step closer. It was obvious the arrow had been used...but it was hardly beyond their power to deal with a few new stand users. They would fall in line, like the others had. And once more the kingdom would be secure and the school was going to be great.

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