It's All Just My Sophomore Jinx

"So here I am, safe and sound," London Calling said, holding up the phone and spinning in a circle to show her father, via Facetime that she was in fact at the school. "Move-in Day!"

"You made good time. What, were you speeding?" Her father asked, giving her the evil eye through the camera of his phone. London rolled her eyes and took the large duffel full of hockey gear from the hatch of the Outback. The drive from Michigan to Virginia was long, brutally so, but she'd stopped for the night when she got to the Virginia border to be awake, alert and early for move-in day.

"Like an Indy driver." She joked. "Don't worry. No speeding tickets. I'm here safe. I've got to go get settled though, so--"

"I'm going to miss you, Champ." He replied. "You know Michigan State has a female hockey team and is close enough that you can come home on long weekends..."

"Historically speaking, you're not home most long weekends. And I like REOU. Go Speedwagons. Besides, I'll get to intern with the hockey team next semester. "

"I know, I know. But should you change your mind --"

"You'll be the first to know. I have to get my stuff inside, there's a lot of people waiting to park and stuff. Miss you!"

"Miss you too. Call me tomorrow?"

"How about this weekend? Let me settle in first."

"Deal." London closed the hatch and slung the bag over her shoulder. She blew a quick kiss to her dad and slid the phone back into her pocket.

Looking around, the campus London couldn't help but grin. Freshmen were there with doting parents, worrying about what to expect with classes and what not. Juniors were there complaining if they weren't picked for the coveted on-campus apartments. Sophomores though, like her - it was a good place to be. She wasn't as nervous as last year when she stepped onto the campus for the first time. She didn't have the anxiety on whether or not she'd be selected for an apartment. Dorms and dorm assignments were a crap shoot, but at least she went in knowing that.

There was a certain comforting element about knowing what to expect.

That's right. Sophomore year was going to be great.

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