Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2

JP Between Blitzen and Turk

Campus continued to buzz with excitement and trepidation as London made her way back to her car. While her dorm wasn't very close to most of the freshmen, South had the distinct honor of being on one of the main roads into and out of campus, meaning there was no shortage of lost parents and kids to redirect.

The parking lot for South was filled now with sophomores and juniors unloading crates, bags, and in some rare cases entire wardrobe racks from their cars and shuffling them into the dorm. Near the lower entrance doors a few staff members had setup a small tent where a radio played some of the latest pop music.

The best part about hanging around the hockey team all last season, besides getting to watch hockey, was that you get to know the team some, enough to convince a couple of people to help unload your car at least. Not having read the roommate agreement, she wasn’t sure of Sirah’s stance on company, even if it was just a couple of second stringers helping you move in, so her belongings were stacked neatly in the hall while she parked, giving someone else the opportunity to use the curbside drop off. She’d send a pizza later to say thanks to them, her dad gave her a credit card for just such emergencies after all.

She quietly as possible, in the darkened room moved her things from the hallway to her side of the room, resigning to set all up when hopefully Sirah was out so she could see what she was doing when she set up her … sort of half.

For all the fuss that Sirah had stirred up before, it was very clear that she was no slouch when it came to cleanliness. The freshman dorm move in had been an interesting affair for everyone as spills and stains and dirt patches would be discovered all over the rooms as parents moved in to various small horror stories of their child's future living conditions. However London found that the room, despite sharing weather conditions with a meat locker, had the cleanliness standards of an operating room. There was no funky smell under the bed mat, no odd stains to be found anywhere, it even appeared as though a hole in the wall had been plastered over.

As her end of the yellow line slowly came together, a knock broke the silence of typing and unpacking,

“I got it.” London called, even though she knew it was pretty much a given that she would be answering the door. Sirah barely looked up from her typing. London blew on her hands to warm them up, looking forward to the rush of not freezing air that would come from the hallway.

The door cracked open slightly and as the warm air rushed in a head poked its way in, black hair shortly followed by a the top half of Shizuka Joestar’s head. Her purple eyes lit up in a smile as the rest of her face was slowly revealed, “Found you! I forgot how much of a maze this place can be, but the smell really does bring me- dang it’s cold in here!” Her head now fully passed the threshold and she moved past London into the room, “I know you’re not from the south but this is a little much right?”

“Reminds me of the ice rink. It’s just like home,” London replied with a smile. She stepped into the warm hallway, feeling the circulation returning to her fingers, as she hugged her arms. Being respectful of her roommates love of both the dark and the freezing cold, she closed the door behind her. “What about you, JoJo, which dorm did you luck into?”

Jojo pursed her lips, a tactic that London had learned from their years together that she was holding something back, “Tell you what, how about we lake and I’ll tell you.” She turned to lead the way out of the chaos of South Hall and away from the icebox that London would be calling home for the semester.

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