Another Brick in the Wall Pt.3

JP Between Blitzen and Turk

‘Laking’ as Jojo had said, was something of a small tradition that members of the soccer team had taken up. It typically just meant that one party wanted to talk in a bit more private circumstances, but also didn’t want to sequester themselves away when the weather was particularly pleasant, such as days like today. The two girls made their way out the front of South onto one of the quads of campus and down the hill toward the dining hall and the center of campus.

London swung her cap around backwards on her head to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her face. She still was unclear about why the room had to be both dark and cold, and instantly nicknamed her roommate “Twilight” in her head, because of the vampiric conditions. She wouldn’t say it out loud, of course, chances are Sirah had a logical or scientific reason, most likely it’d be somewhere in the room rules doc she’d had yet to open.

As the pair began their descent down the set of stairs leading to the path around the lake, Jojo broke the temporary silence, “Alright so you can’t be mad but I have a single this year...and it’s in Dion.” She gave her friend a smile that suggested no harm but showed the unbridled excitement that should be expected of anyone lucky enough to be setup in the newest dorm on campus.

“Mad? Joj, that’s incredible!” London replied. “I may be a little jealous, but a single, and a single in Dion? How can I be anything but happy for you? Especially since I know you’ll let me come hang out. My roommate is a little… intense.”

Jojo’s head tilted to the side as she exhaled through her nose, “Okay thank god, like I was really worried because some people have been legitimately angry. Also yeah, what’s up with the room thing on your end? Is your AC broke or something? Did your roommate set it up like that? You could always talk to housing you know”

“She’s a science major. I think it has something to do with that, though to be honest, I forgot to ask. Hopefully it’s just temporary. The cold thing that is. I don’t want to get her in any trouble with housing, we’re going to have to get along for the year and all.”

The pair stood to the side as a biker blazed down the path, clearly intent on making the most of the last day of the low amount of student on the trail. “Ugh science major, as if that’s an excuse for ruining your room. Oh speaking of ruining though, did you hear about what happened to the men’s club sports’ lockers?”

“Someone completely smashed everything! I’m serious I got here a few days early because I like to get setup and had an RA friend check me in, and from what I heard there was some kind of incident and now all the cages full of stuff is just completely smashed.” They made the turn onto the first bridge leading to a very small island in the lake, “It’s crazy, the schools looking into it but all the guys are scrambling to get new things in the meantime. They don’t know who did it so they can’t make anyone pay and of course the school is going to take forever to figure that out.”

“That sucks! Why -- why would anyone go and do that? It’s bad enough the baseball team’s been cut.” Inwardly, she was slightly a bit relieved that it hadn’t actually been the girls’ lockers harmed, the school would never go and agree to replace the equipment if that were the case. Of course, the downside was also that this could involve ‘sharing’ the equipment that belonged to the girls, so it affected them none-the-less.

“I have no idea, but club sports is freaking out. I mean seriously, there is no reason for it but the school seems really set on just sweeping it under the rug.” Jojo took a moment to wave over to another girl that was carrying a box toward the dorms on this side of campus before turning back to London, “I mean, I asked about it, and I got nothing.”

“Weird. Those things are usually pretty sturdy. How would someone even bust one up. And maybe they’re sweeping it because they don’t want to scare off any more of the athlete kids. I was talking to Lucas from the hockey club, all the ice guys are wondering if the team will be the next to go.” She chuckled to herself. “My room’s cold enough, all we need’s a bit of water it’ll freeze right up, they can play in there.”

Jojo let out a small laugh as well, “I’d be fine with the hockey team hanging around my room too. You really have to deal with that though, are you just never going to be in your room? Ugh, I can’t even imagine-oh look out for the goose poop.” She led her a bit off path to avoid a streak of goose dropping, the closest thing that one could compare to a environmental dangers on campus. As the pair rejoined the path, a familiar sound to London cut through the air. A brief crack and clang of metal on padded leather came out across the lake. Jojo looked up to the noise, “Seriously? On move in day? Ugh those idiots are going to hit someone’s car.”

“I think they’re upset at the team being cut. Maybe that’s their way of protesting. “ London offered helpfully, as the sounds of baseball rang out. “But all the same, I hope it’s not my car if one gets hit!”

“Upset or not”Jojo rolled her eyes as another *crack* rang across the lake, “They’re just being jerks hitting the ball into the Freshman’s area there.”

“I’ll go say something to them. I’m sure they’d feel awful if someone actually got hurt.” Piper bumped elbows with her friend before starting to jog off, but she stopped mid-run to turn around. “Oh! If things get super bad later at my room - I may see you for a bit to escape, or at least to warm up! Single room, lucky duck!” She called out.

On the other side of the lake, she saw Tommy and Jim and a few of the boys that had been on the team when there was actually a team.

“Tommy!” She called out, slowing her jog. “What’s up? It’s move in day. You know how many cars are gonna be in the direction you’re hitting? What if you grand-slam someone’s grand-ma?”

Tommy chuckled. “No home runs for me, why bother swinging for the fences when the school shut the whole team down? Don’t worry, no octogenarians will be injured. But yeah,” he raised his voice a little, “we should reign it in for move in day. No one wants to pay for a new windshield.”

“Well, I don't know about you but I think someone getting domed on their first day would be a big honor for them, especially if it's off of my hit.” A voice came from the dugout as a figure emerged. The helmet obstructed the face but his uniform number showed on the right breast of the shirt which hung loosely, a noticeable contrast to those few on the field's more formal look.

The voice was of course familiar to London, Jack Norworth was a Sophomore same as her, but right from the get-go he had made sure she was aware that he didn't see her as part of 'his’ team. The sneering look he gave her as he approached the plate. Tommy stood upright and turned to face him, “Come on man, don't be a dick about this. London's right we're going to end up-”

You're not going to do shit because you hit like a muppet. Now get out there while I show you how a champion swings.” For a moment the two men were face to face, staring each other down, but Tommy did eventually relent and head out onto the field.

“Don’t be a dick, Jack.” London chastised. “It’s one day - Last year we were the freshmen just moving in.”

Jack’s head turned sharply toward London and he stared directly at her, “Wow must be some echo out here because I’m hearing the same thing shit-for-brains just said. Hey Freshie, the players stay on the field, the coaches sit in the pit, and losers like you can watch from the stands.”

London chewed on the inside of her cheek and nodded. “You’re right. I don’t know why I was worried. You never could hit for shit. Parking lot’s safe. Everyone should bring it in a little,” London chastised, before turning to skulk off the field. Friggin Jack Norworth. Jack Notworth-nothing, she thought bitterly.

As London cleared the field the first crack sounded and the scramble was immediate. Shortly after a 2nd crack came and after a few seconds of complete silence, a few frantic calls could be heard before a smash brought a brief moment of silence before there was a new series of sounds, some laughs, some calls to teammates to ‘get the hell out of here’ and plenty of sounds of bats and equipment being hurried off the field.

Down toward the lake a few guys had already made it to the bridge, while up on the diamond there was now more shouting and a few people who clearly were dying of laughter.

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