The Room Where it Happens: An Early Rise

Somewhere on campus, a round-table of sorts had formed. Chairs lined a long wooden table in the center of the darkly lit room, some filled, most empty. The few who occupied the seats looked amongst each other, some with anticipation, others with enough doubt to compensate for the others. One seemed completely detached, with fingers whirling like a machine over their phone screen.

One voice from across the table of the phone screen put a hand down with enough authority to garner attention from the group. They leveled a finger toward the phone and said assertively, "Put your phone away idiot, it's disrespectful and rude."

The illuminated figure sneered up from their device, "Those mean the same thing asshole, and don't fucking tell me what to do alright? You aren't in charge here." before quickly returning to their typing. But after a moment he stopped, "You know what, actually, I've been reading through the charter and I think I'm in charge of you so why don't you sit back and Shut.Up." The cellphone figure looked with a grin.

In a moment though the smirk was gone as the figure across the table rose up to full height, "It also says you must always be in control of your assignment, so tell me asshole, you feel in charge?" the mood in the room grew tense as another figure, splayed out in their chair as if nursing some form of headache, "Oh my god can you two please chill with this aggressive bullshit? You both sound like children and it's way too fucking early for that shit."

"Oh I'm sorry are we interrupting your scheduled hangover? Why the hell are you even drinking yet? I thought scags like you at least waited for Syllabus week." The phone figure responded, internally glad that attention had been pulled from themself.

Without moving in their seat at all the figure responded, "I guess I'm just better than everyone else." They accentuated their words with a grand opening of their arms as if to display their greatness to the small cabal.

The phone figure was about to make another remark but was cutoff by the sound of a door opening to the room. A figure stood with their form surrounded by the exterior light, casting a shadow over the room. Those seated each stiffened in their chairs, the standing figure completely straightened their posture. The figure at the doorway seemed to survey the room, "Seems like everyone is already getting re-acquainted then, good." The door closed behind them and they softly walked to the closest head of the table. As they gripped the seat the others began to rise but they held up a hand, "Please, let's keep this meeting brief, I'm sure you're already all very happy to see each other and myself but formalities can wait until a more...appropriate time."

The main figure now took a seat and calmly exhaled and crossed their hands, obscuring their lower face, "So let's just jump right into it then, finances?" A voice came quickly from the crowd as if a trained dog, "Our semester budget has been projected and has been sent to your desk for approval. We've also identified several opportunities for strategic investment to grow the portfolio for next semester."

The figure picked their head up from his hands, "Excellent as always finance, Historian?" A younger voice cracked through, "Uh...uh...the Historian regrets that...they are unable to attend this early session...but h-they..they report that their work continues as planned and that all recent records have been managed." Murmurs came at the end of this report, clearly delivered by a newer member or perhaps even a stand-in.

"Thank you for reporting on their behalf." The head of the table stated, and the rest of the room seemed to shift in their seats at his tone. "Next would be Alumni relations then." The eyes in the room shifted to another seated member, their arms crossed and seemingly disinterested, "Strong, they express nothing but happiness with our continued success."

A few more reports were given. On-Campus Relations, Brotherhood, Social, Community Out-reach, Risk; each provided another positive affirmation to their current status and the potential for growth. Finally the figure moved on, "Judiciary, I trust all accounts are clean for this semester?" A figure seated near the end of the table responded, "Yes, we are pleased to report a clean record. We'd also like to report that any members formally associated with-" "That is enough thank you, I will receive your report on my desk by this afternoon on any further goings on. Risk?"

The large figure who had antagonized the phone user stood to give their report, "Report is as follows; safety officers have been assigned, and current teams are being coordinated to ensure that guidelines are followed to the letter." The leader lowered their hands to the table, "And what of your recovery process of lost materials? I'd like that to become your highest priority." The tone in their voice was flat and uninteresting but the menace surrounded their every word. The large figure continued, "Yes, I've already personally assigned top ranking risk managers to the task. Current report is that the search area has been vastly narrowed." The leader cut in again, "And other reports from outside sources are also coming in, I want this handled." They scanned the room, finding no objections. They leaned back into their chair, drastically shifting their tone, "Perfect then. Recruitment?"

The large figure, still stiff as a board, moved down to their seat as another voice came in, "We have already planned several outreach programs for the semester as well as many fun events for members to interact with the new prospects. I'd like to take this time to remind everyone here that it is just as much their duty as ours to keep the recruitment process strong. If you identify someone who you believe would be a strong candidate, please don't hesitate to reach out."

The leader eased up and smiled, "Well said, well said indeed Recruitment. And with that, I will call this meeting to a close, no need to worry ourselves with further discussions or voting just yet. It's a wonderful day and there is just so much to do. I hope you all enjoy the first few weeks of the new year and remember - the future is to those with the will and strength to take it. We are strong friends, so let's make the future...a good one"

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