Another Brick in the Wall Pt.4

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“Buncha big men,” London groused, rolling her eyes. “School’s gonna cancel the club outright next.”

While she was in the vicinity, she figured she’d check out the equipment area that Jojo was saying was trashed, wanting to see the damage first hand.

The walk to the athletic fields and sports club storage was a quick one, especially with her mind on other things. Standing in the shade of Benjamin Hall, the fields were empty aside from a few curious parents and one pair of students tossing a frisbee back and forth. The athletic club equipment shed sat at the corner of the field, close to the end of campus. It was a modest building, with only one small window visible and offering only a small bit of natural light. Among its many amenities were a pair of bathrooms and a water fountain that without fail was always broken, in serious need of maintenance and cleaning, or forcibly tackled from it's installation.

London made her way down to the shed, whistling through her teeth at the visible damage. The exterior of the building didn’t look to be harmed, but the interior was another story all together.

The exterior doors should have been locked with a simple code lock, but now the only thing preventing London from entering was a loose piece of caution tape draped over two pieces of metal and plastic that might have once been called doors that had been smashed against the door frame. Clearly campus security had dedicated their entire lunch break’s worth of effort to the securing of this area.

Inside London’s eyes slowly adjusted to the reduced light as the destruction became all the more clear. The floor was scattered with cones, deflated balls of nearly every size, and smashed metal cages either barely clung to the concrete of the floor, or leaned against smashed wooden shelves. It seemed each club team’s belongings, every bag, ball, and mouth guard had been thrown into disarray. Not even the walls themselves appeared to be safe, with a few solid dents and cracks in the concrete punctuating the scene.

“Jeez,” London said, whistling through her teeth. She’d expected to maybe see a few slashed basketballs and maybe a broken bat or two, but this didn’t even look like something that was done for spite or personal attack, trampled was the only word that came to mind. This went above petty spite, this was blind rage.

“Pretty bad, huh?” A voice faded into the room. It strangely felt familiar to London, but she couldn’t quite place it. She heard a light exhale, “Really sucks that they’ll probably get aw…” the voice faded as quickly as it had come as an older and more haggard one was heard from behind her, “Hey you’re not suppose to be in here. Didn’t you see the tape?” A member of the facilities team was sitting at the entrance to the shed. He stepped over the incredibly makeshift barrier slowly, “This place is enough trouble as it is without you all poking around here.” His face was still mostly silhouetted by the exterior light, but his annoyance was obvious.

London looked around for the missing voice, and startled at the sound of the one behind her. “Geez!” she exclaimed, while still listening for the more familiar voice gone lost. “Sorry - it’s just worse than what I pictured. -- does anyone have any idea what happened?”

The man scoffed, “Guess is as good as mine, someone came in here and smashed it all up, never seen it this bad before though.”

“What happened to… was there someone else just here? I thought I heard someone.”

The man looked around, “Nobody in here but me and you, and like I said, you shouldn't be in here. It's a mess and the last thing we need is you tripping and hurting yourself. Already had someone hurt from all th…. nevermind that though you should get out of here.” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder toward the door and steps slightly to the side to provide a clear path, clearly waiting for London to make a move.

“Hurt from the what?” London asked, curious. “Who got hurt?”

The maintenance staff now furrowed his brow further, “I said get out, you’re not supposed to be here, I’m not here to play 20 questions with some kid. You care so much you can figure it out yourself.” And motioned again for the door with another jerk of his thumb.

London scowled as the grouchy maintenance man shooed her out, and being super sketchy on top of it. He didn’t give her any information, but if someone was hurt? She was sports medicine! Someone in the department would have to know what was going on. All she had to do was ask around.

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