The Launch

The cold blackness of endless space stretched out in every direction, never stopping, never ceasing, with only pinpricks of light where stars burned, basking the galaxy in their warmth, giving hope to whoever their light touched.
At least, Vasillias thought, for now.
The Megalo Navarcho stood gazing into the darkness from the bridge of his dreadnought, the Drepani. Dozens of other cruisers and support craft sat around him. Behind the fleet floated even more supply and colony ships. But before them stood their greatest achievement. The yperpyli, the hypergate. Its many rings scoped inwards like a tunnel, blue energy crackling within like some kind of storm.
Footsteps approached from behind him, stopping a few feet short of him. Before the man even spoke Vasillias knew it was Captain Pistos.
“The ship is ready for the jump, my lord. We await your command.”
Vasillias nodded. “You may proceed.”
Pistos nodded briefly and signaled to the navigator. “Engage jump.”
The stars stretched out in long, thin bands of blue and white light. Space seemed to bend and shift around them. The ship finally lurched forwards, the captain nearly falling onto the deck.
Before them, the empty darkness of space transformed, the thin bands growing until they encompassed the whole ship. The light stretched out in front of them, creating some kind of tunnel.
The deck rumbled as the ship's dampers strained to keep the passengers from being ripped apart. Blue energy surged around the ship, adding its irregular jolts to the continuous trembling.
Then it all stopped. The ship lurched as they entered realspace.
The bridge crew gazed around in wonder at this new galaxy, completely foreign stars and whole constellations shone in the distance. A nebula could even be seen less than a hundred kilometers away.
The Captain was the first to speak, voicing the unsaid question for the crew. “Where are we?”
Vasillias let the ghost of a smile touch his face. An almost wistful light shone in his eyes. “Our new home.”