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Summary: A survivor whose only goal is to prove herself.


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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Humans

Physical Apperance

Nox has dark inky indigo hair thick and long with a sleek texture that hangs straight down to her lower back. Her slanted, catlike eyes are a lighter, more vibrant shade of violet bright enough they appear to glow. She has a pallid complexion dotted with paler ivory freckles across her nose and shoulders, though they are only visible in the brightest of white light. Nox is tall and long-limbed with slender, tapering fingers rough with callous and slim, delicate feet who's toughened soles had been tempered by barefoot treks through sun-heated sands. She is fit and an endurance runner, though she can also sprint at a fair pace.
Bears the bleeding violet crescent of the Dahkany between her collarbones.

Personal Intrests

Nox has only had one goal for many years after she left her tribe - to survive, on her own, and prove Alkis wrong.


Nox is skilled enough with using slings to provide food for herself and she has a knack for finding water. She has also developed some skill with snares, though it's rare she stays in one place long enough to use them. Her knife is handy for whittling tools out of the dried, hardened wood littered amongst the dunes. Her flint and steel, 'borrowed' from Alkis, make it much simpler to start a fire and keep herself warm in the bitter chill of a dry desert night.


Roams amid the sands of the desert.


The Dahkany tribe

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Image of Nox
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