Athina suspiciously looked at them but coincidentally nodded in sync with Luke. Catherine just rolled her eyes and muttered "Fine" giving Luke a quick glance, hoping no one knows what she's doing. Her parents were happy of the news she'd receive from hanging out with them, insisting that she would get more intell. Being nocturnal, she didn't know how the others could be awake with such blinding light at all times. She had gotten a bit more accustomed to their sleeping patterns though. She glanced back at Luke, barely listening to the weirdest group person use the wrong grammer. She hoped everyone thought she liked him. Her parents told her to choose one of them, preferably a boy to attach to, then using his secrets could blackmail, or much worse. She chose Luke, because he was young, and unexperienced, and because, deep inside she reminded her of her dream crush, just a little younger........-okay, a lot younger.
She focused back on Kyla.
She pointed at Nox and then Catherine "Ye be helpin Fred collect the goie stuff, no?"
She sighed and watched Athina and Luke get ready for decoying the monkeys. Kyla, signaled for them to go, and they ran really fast, Catherine guessed from all of the hunting they had done. She traced her tattoo again, thinking about her future career and how this group will boost her progress to her life-long goal.
Then, looking up again, Luke and Athina climbed the trees, grabbing the monkey's attention. They tried to shoo away the newcomers but the held their place making wild noises at them. When the animals couldn't stand it, they started chasing after them. Then Catherine and Nox approached the tree with caution, and started to gather as much of this messy stuff as they could. Nox, struggling a bit, Catherine collected it with ease. She remembered doing this as a child, with her parents. She didn't tell them that she's done it before for the element of surprise. But then, Luke lost his grip, and landed on his back with a booming THUD! Quickly handing over the ingredients to Fred, she rushed over to Luke who was struggling to breathe. She helped him up, letting him sit and catch his breath. "What happened?" She asked, faking concern. "They unhooked my fingers from the branch" he chuckled to himself "I thought it only happened in comics."
Curiosity took over Athina as she came down. "What's a 'comics'"
"A type of book that has pictures. They tell jokes or are just for entertainment. Either way, I'm okay-thanks for asking Athina"
He said and Athina gave that face which seemed to be her normal response to Luke's comments. They have become like siblings where he is the annoying younger brother. Athina looked toward Catherine, who seemed to ignore her now. She looked down. I shouldn't feel this way about anyone, especially a Lief girl she thought turning back to Fred. "Was that enough?"

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