Glancing around quickly, NightShade grabbed her new prized rabbit hurrying towards camp. As silent as the grave, she ran up hill, following the stream that was so familiar to her all of these years. She reached the unlit firewood as the sun started setting. Not wanting to stay up too late, she started the fire, adding the needed pine straw to get it going, while she skinned the rabbit. In it's eye, was an arrow. NightShade's arrow. Pulling it out, and cleaning it in the stream with moss she put it back with the others in the quiver slinging it back over her shoulder. Once the rabbit was cooked, she wrapped them in leafs and stuffed them into her backpack, which she hand crafted from the skin of a deer she had caught only a year ago. She stomped on the fire and the cool night air set in. She hoisted herself and her supplies up a large tree, almost 30 feet in the sky. She found a fork in one of the branches and settled in it, sure that she won't moved during her rest like every night before. She had no dreams that night, or at least didn't recall it. When she awoke, she nibbled on the rabbit sure it would keep her going for the hours to come. Looking around, she saw a golden deer running toward the desert. Curious that the animal had taken a new direction than it's usual, she hopped from her perch to a branch of the tree to her right, closer to the deer. Landing silently, she strung a arrow onto her bow, aiming at the prize. Before she was about to shoot, other deer came crashing and leading the golden one away left NightShade frustrated. What had scared her game. Looking back to where the other deer had come from she saw a boar. Not just and boar, a mad and grown male boar. Directing her attention to this new appearance, she missed the second boar mindlessly run into her tree, shaking her perch. She lost her balance and started down, pulled by gravity until, all breath was out of her and darkness crept in.

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