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Summary: Gimme the largest mug of ale ya got, and twelve seconds.

Kain Graylocke

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Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Group: Soldiers

Race and Employment

Soldier and protector of the village


Brave, strong, cunning, and charismatic. He is a skilled and experienced swordsman


He is a raging alcoholic, and is sometimes prejudiced to outsiders. He attempts to be a womanizer, but can come off as offensive

Physical Appearance

He is tall, well built, but has a bit of a beer gut. He has blonde hair, stubbly facial hair, and grayish blue eyes. He wears steel armor, and wields a steel longsword.

Personality and interests

He likes drinking, talking, drinking, fighting, and drinking. He is quite helpful to others, even if he doesnt know them well.


He usually stays clear of his past, but tidbits slip out in his drunken slur.

In his twenties, he was married with two kids, and worked as an royal guard in the kingdoms castle. No one knows why, but something happened that caused him to turn to alcohol. When things got bad, his wife kicked him out, and kept the kids. He has never seen them since. He traveled to Warfall on a trading caravan, and after pulling a few jobs, found himself a small house next to the tavern. He fought in the war for the first two years, but a battle injury forced him to return to town.

Favourite Sayings

I heard a story once, I forget what it was about, but it was good one

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He is viewed as a dim witted alcoholic, but the people like him because of his devotion to protecting the village

Equipment and Items

Steel Longsword
Bread pieces and jerky

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Image of Kain Graylocke
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