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Summary: A cheerful young half-merfolk fisherman who just wants the best for everyone.

Morkplok Tushaani

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Fishers/Docksmen

Race and Employment

Fisherman (spearfishing)


Half-merman skills:
Has legs and lungs, as well as gills and webbed hands and feet, plus a very sleek skin. Can thrive both in and out of water. Can breathe and see underwater, swim quite fast (though not as fast as true merfolk) and move with less resistance than people in the water.

Trained skills:
Very precise with a spear, due to spearfishing since childhood
A lot of knowledge of nature beneath the lake


His mood is tied to his proximity to bodies of water. Around his home, which is partially floating and has an underwater bedroom, and in the lake, he's happy as a clam. The further from water, the more dour he becomes. Warfall is close enough for him to be reasonably upbeat for the most part, though the parts of town closest to the mountains make him somewhat somber. He's an absolute mess the rare times he has to go as far as the mines. He has no control over this, which can make for awkward situations when terrible news is delivered while he's at home, since he is physically unable to be unhappy around water.

Although he doesn't dry out in ordinary circumstances, and drying out isn't directly fatal, extreme heat or drought makes him very weak and ill. Obviously, not a fan of fire.

Physical Appearance

Pale, slender young man, about 5'9", with hair as red as coral. Prefers walking around shirtless. Bright orange webbing between his fingers and his elongated toes, and prehensile fins the same color hanging from his elbows and knees.

Personality and interests

Morkplok just loves life. He dodged the draft for the war, because he didn't want to kill anyone, and because being that far from the lake would be torture. He is always eager to please, regularly sacrificing his own well-being to help others out, as long as it's in the vicinity of the lake, which he tries to avoid straying too far from.

When he is further from the lake, he'll become gradually less helpful and seems to only have interest in sarcastic remarks and generally being a mopey prick.


Morkplok was born of a somewhat controversial love affair between a human woman and a merman named Krokulon. Nobody is entirely clear on how they managed to reproduce, but reproduce they did, with Morkplok as a result. The boy grew up by the lakeside, staying alternately in his mother's cottage and his father's underwater hut, which was in the small merfolk community at the bottom of the lake. His willful mother took off when he was only 6, however, eloping with a forest elf. By that time it had become clear that Morkplok could physically not be unhappy when around water, so his father mostly kept him around the merfolk community.

By the time Morkplok entered his teens, he wanted to have more contact with the humans, considering he was still half human and could not keep up with the other merfolk in the underwater village. His father helped him construct a small home halfway in- and out of the water, and Morkplok started eking out a living for himself as a moderately successful fisherman, having learned spearfishing from the merfolk.

When the war came around, Morkplok managed to avoid having to go into battle, which did not endear him to many of the villagers, nor did his gratingly eternal cheerfulness and optimism in such dark times. But trying to make him assist the war effort by getting him to mine for weapon materials backfired horribly. By the time the townsfolk had managed to get him to the mines, Morkplok had been reduced to a sobbing, raging pile of utter unhappiness, to the shock of what sympathizers he still had left. Cursing and thrashing, he had been rolled back towards town, where he had calmed down and his warm and friendly demeanor returned.

He's tried to explain his unbreakable emotional connection to water before, and has experimented with being wheeled around in a tub full of lake water with some success, but a lot of villagers still think he's faking it to avoid anything to do with the war. Luckily, despite being shunned by many, his condition means he's unable to be unhappy about it.

Favourite Sayings

"Water we waiting for?"
"Hey, plenty of fish in the lake. My dad is single!"
And a further arsenal of water puns whenever convenient.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

The general populace of the village is divided in three camps: those that shun him for dodging the war effort and believe he made up his emotional condition, those that believe the same but don't hold it against him, and those that believe his explanation for his emotional connection to water and sympathize. His friends generally come from the third camp.

(specific friends to be determined)

Krokulon is his father, a builder from the merfolk.

The other merfolk generally tolerate him, but he's always been a bit of an outsider and he's never made close friends among them. Nowadays he only goes to the town to visit his father.

Equipment and Items

His spear is his most important and most high quality possession. He doesn't own much else: even his bed is basically an underwater hammock. He does own a few books, which he reads over and over, in the small living room of his home. Though he usually eats mostly raw fish, seaweed and other things found in the lake, he's not averse to trying human food and even has a small stove he's learning to cook on.

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