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Summary: Old man Kuz

Kuz Anorma

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Gender: Male

Age: Old

Group: Shop-Keeper and Store Owners

Race and Employment


Ex-Adventurer, Black smith for the Mountain Miners.


Wise, a super skilled blacksmith, skilled in combat, still fast and strong as a young warrior orc. Skilled in battles, knows more techniques then most skilled generals of famous armies.


He's missing his right arm and is afraid of people touching a black box in his shop that he keeps in his safe.

Physical Appearance

7'8, old, battled scared, heavily built, and is missing is right arm. He wears black smith clothing all the time.

Personality and interests

Wise, caring, doesn't like to fight but will when forced to.
He always guards a black box in his safe.


Kuz came to the Village wounded, he was carrying the black box with armour from old times on him. He had a rusty axe on his back. He has stayed as one of the village's blacksmith for 40 years.

Favourite Sayings

"I've seen a man tear out his own heart and became a monster."

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He is known by everyone in the village as Old man Kuz

Equipment and Items

A two handed double bladed axe that he can wield with one hand.
A black box that makes a sound that sounds like a heartbeat.
He wears a golden amulet.

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Image of Kuz Anorma
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