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Summary: Reading, serving drinks, and sleeping, what else am I going to do around here?

Jillian Van Well

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Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Group: Employees of Shops

Race and Employment


Barmaid at the Hidden Goat Tavern


Good at mixing and serving drinks. Oddly enough, she is quite literate for a farm raised girl, and is an quick reader, and can speak a lick of Orcish, and Dwarvish.


She is nervous and shy, and not as strong as other women in the town. Her height is sometimes a problem, when reaching drinks off of high shelves.

Physical Appearance

Beautiful, with brown hair and green eyes. She is slightly curvy, and is shorter than most other women. She has white teeth and pale skin from working inside the tavern.

Personality and interests

Sweet, but quiet. She is better at serving drinks than chit-chatting with the patrons. She usually spends her off time alone, watching everyone come and go, daydreaming about only she knows what. She has an deep secret that no one knows, not even her sister, and if anyone did, they wouldn't look at her the same.


She was born with her sister on the family farm, herding and shearing sheep. As well as chickens and pigs. She never liked the chores, instead hiding away to read and fantasize.

When she was 18, she had a secret relationship with an traveler, although she never talked about them. She was heart-broken when her partner had to leave, but it was for the best. She spent a bit of her time at the Hidden Goat, reading her books, which is where she works today.

Favourite Sayings

Whaddya looking at, I ain't an mug of ale.
I'm not interested in ya, move along.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

She has a sister, who owns the family farm. Both of them are often hit on by the towns men, although Jillian has no interest in them.

Equipment and Items

Satchel filled with a few books, coins, and other knickknacks
An small, wooden ring.

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Image of Jillian Van Well
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