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Summary: I think you have had enough for today..

Bourbon the Bartender

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Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Group: Shop-Keeper and Store Owners

Race and Employment


Barkeep and Owner of the Hidden Goat


Charismatic and ponderous, with a vast knowledge of random tidbits. He gives excellent advise, and if there is a ruckus, he can diffuse it by kicking the troublesome folk to the curb. He is a good juggler, and will often twirl and juggle bottles for fun, often to the amusement of Jillian.


He devotes a lot of his time to his work, and more often spends his time in the bar than with the people. He is heavyset, and cumbersome at times.

Physical Appearance

He is bald, but has a curvy grey mustache. He is tall, heavyset, and has hairy arms. He has brown eyes, and is missing a couple teeth.

Personality and interests

He is a man of few hobbies. He loves his work, and his wife, so those are his two focuses. He is kind hearted, and protective of his wife, and his barmaid Jillian, who he treats like a daughter.


He lived in Warfall for most of his life, and spent his younger years as a juggler. As he got older, he decided to settle down, get married and take over the Hidden Goat. Since then, the tavern had been so successful, it wiped competition off the map, and is the beloved customer of the local brewery.

Favourite Sayings

Hey Kain, I think I should cut ya off for the night.
Bottoms up!
How about a tip in honor of the Goat?

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He is married to his wonderful wife, and devoted much of his afternoons to spend time with her. He also treats Jillian as a daughter, helping her out, and teaching her tidbits that will make her smarter.

Equipment and Items

Juggling Balls

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Image of Bourbon the Bartender
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