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Summary: Fear me logs, your demise is here.


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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: Builders and Woodsmen

Race and Employment


Lumberjack, cuts trees in the forested area. He is also hired by local farmers to clear large trees in the area of expansion.


Chopping trees, using an axe, and wrestling. He fought a bear with his bare hands, although he has quite a few scars. He is polite, and gentle, and very hardworking.


Lacks social skills, and is lazy. He prefers to take his time, and that may cause him to fall behind. He also keeps away from others, and resists assistance.

Physical Appearance

White skinned, muscular, and bald. He has tribal body painting covering him, and some scars from his fight with a bear. He has green eyes, pointy ears, and an gritty look. He is very tall.

Personality and interests

He likes peacefulness, sitting in his hammock, sleeping away. When he is working, he usually sings tunes and bard songs. Sulla also likes to try different foods, and loves to hunt for his meal, sometimes taking out full grown deer with his axe.


He spent his childhood in the distant mountains, where the last few Goliaths lived. He moved out of his logging town, to find better work. He spent a few years working in the orcish strongholds, since Goliaths and Orcs are close relatives. During this time, he ended up being disarmed by a bear, and ended up pummeling the beast to death, while receiving some nasty scars. He left the stronghold, and made his way to Warfall, where he built his shack, and chops down trees for the town.

Favourite Sayings

Oh a eya ho, eya hi, eya ho.
These scars represent who I am. Rough and rugged, but will always be remembered.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He doesn't talk to many people. He gets along with the Orcs in the village because of his heritage, and may stop by the smiths to get his axe sharpened.

Equipment and Items

Hand Saw

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Image of Sulla
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