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Summary: A short man in a tall man's village.

Thromgin Forge-Stout

Gender: Male

Age: 63

Group: Shop-Keeper and Store Owners

Race and Employment

Co-Forge master of Mountain's Sorrow.


Forge magic- Able to imbue tools and weapons with runes. While not considered true pyromancy, can heat his hands until glowing white.
Still in his prime, can lift a heavily laden wagon by himself. Although not a learned dwarf, can trust his instincts.


Has isolated himself from everyone except his forge brother, often leading to nasty outbursts towards others. Once in an outburst, cannot be talked down until he can calm himself.
Has a distrust of humans.

Physical Appearance

Short, standing at around 4 foot. Wider than he is tall and stocky.
Has a full beard, down to his waist, that is kept in a tight braid. Trinkets and dwarven symbols adorn it.
Wears simple clothing, cloth and an apron, even when not at his forge.

Personality and interests

Everyone else sees Thromgin as a sour man, never one to join a bar song or even enter light conversation. He often ignores his customers unless to ask for specifics on his work.
Will still help if danger nears, wanting nothing in return and continuing his gruff appearance after.
When around Erik or alone, will change his demeanor to a softer tone, feeding animals or sharing stories.
Has a distrust of humans for what he saw during the war.


Living with his kin in the mountains, Thromgin enjoyed a rather simple life as a miner, soon becoming a talented craftsman under a mentor. When war came, his hold was ravaged by both refugees and attackers following them, leading to his people scattering.
After surviving the war wit the help of Erik, Thromgin returned to see his beloved home in ruins, scavenged by the enemy army and other survivors.
With no place to call home, he followed Erik to the village of Warfall and opened The Mountains Sorrow.

Favourite Sayings

"What'ya want"
"Go be with your own."

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Only has a friendship with Erik, his forge brother.

Equipment and Items

Carries tools necessary to smithing and applying runes.
A water skin
His hammer

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Image of Thromgin Forge-Stout
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