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Summary: A tall man in a short mans village.

Erik PureForge

Gender: Male

Age: 148

Group: Shop-Keeper and Store Owners

Race and Employment

Hill Giant


Can lift massive amounts of weight, leading to a side career of stone mason.
Somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, being efficient in many survival skills.


Is a sensitive being at heart, wanting the racial profile of the dumb, man-eating giant to be changed.
Is aware of his greater size and how it effects those around him.
Has a fear of uncontrolled fire.(Wildfires, oil fires, etc)

Physical Appearance

Standing over 13 ft tall, appears lanky given his slim figure and long arms.
Long hair kept back in a braid, as well as a braided beard with trinkets woven in.
Scars spread over his body, most significant being a scratch across his chest.
Usually has a somber tone on his face.

Personality and interests

Preferring a simple life, Erik enjoys his work in the forge, in his spare time he often is found in the surrounding forests. Being the more social of the duo, he is who deals with miners and traders. While he does try to avoid it, will venture into the village for food and simple supplies.
Is more aware of his surroundings than most of his kin, he is very careful where he treads in case of an accident.
Although a gentle spirit, it does not take much to rouse his ire. He is skilled with a bow and his ax, which is never far from him. When angered by racial taunts or similar taunts from drunken townsfolk, prefers to ignore them. If driven to action, is careful not to harm or kill.


As with many giants, Erik lived most of his life in solitude, learning from nature and traders he happened upon. While not a simple creature, he shared the same view that others of his kind held and would often cause panic in his carefree wake.
When war broke out, he defended his territory from both sides, at first savagely, but soon realized he had also killed innocents. Learning to distinguish regiment from refugee, he fought on until met by a lone dwarf fighting near a smoking hold.
Saving his life, the two soon became like brothers as they survived the rest of the war. After, it was Erik that suggested settling near Warfall and plying their collective trades.

Favourite Sayings

"If you seek a monster, look elsewhere."
"Another beautiful sunset."

Relationships with Others in Warfall

While trying to gain a better footing with the townsfolk, so far is only close with his forge brother, Thromgin.

Equipment and Items

Always carries his ax and bow.
Various tools for various tasks.
Skins and skulls from his hunts.
Water skin and bag for dried meats.

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Image of Erik PureForge
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