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Summary: ENFP / Head Priestess

Endellion Baldwin

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Gender: Female

Age: 38

Group: Priest/Priestesses

Race and Employment

Endellion is the human head priestess of the church; formerly devoted in full to the god of harvest, prosperity and livestock.


As a priestess, Endellion has been given an excellent education. She can read and write in every common language fluently and has basic knowledge of some scarce languages. An excellent memory aids her, as she must be able to recite every tale she has ever heard to anyone who asks it of her. Within her memory lies knowledge of several magical rituals; typically pertaining to fertility and healing. Endellion can also act as a combat healer when given enough protection to complete spells.


Endellion was passed into the care of the temple initially due to monoplegia in her left leg; an issue that has persisted into adulthood. She is unable to properly move her right leg, resulting in her being slow and mostly incapable of straying far outside the village. Being raised insides has not assisted her physical health either, leaving her quite fragile and vulnerable to injury.

Endellion is very vulnerable to remarks concerning the state of her leg, and overall doesn't handle the anger or hatred of others with her usual patience and grace. Deep fear of stirring up conflict plagues her ability to keep visitors under control, and her lack of physical force doesn't help either. Two strong fears that she possesses is that of deep water and of the monsters in fables that she knows off by heart.

Physical Appearance

Endellion has back-length blonde hair that is either secured in a bun or a low ponytail. Her eyes are green in color, with brownish eyebrows typically raised above them. Endellion tends to wear a small amount of light-colored blush on her cheeks, and occasionally wears white lipstick. Her attire while running the church consists of a simple white and grey dress beneath a white and cream cloak-like garment with a hood.

Personality and interests

On the surface, the impact her mentors left on Endellion is clear. They nurtured a compassionate and optimistic character within her; a feeling of spiritual duty to her visitors. Few can say that Endellion has been anything other than a willing host to them, although she has trouble differentiating between treating people nicely and being treated as a doormat. It is relatively easy to be demanding and bossy to her, and she very much relies on her acolytes to put their foot down in her place. It is a source of embarrassment to her, and she questions her leadership within the temple quite frequently.

Her emotional insecurities do not end there. Her emotional maturity is one such characteristic that was not nurtured, producing an oversensitive and occasionally petty woman. Criticism is equal to being stabbed with a knife, heartbreak equal to coldblooded murder. Endellion is inclined to decline any potential romance in favor of service to her god, but it is difficult for her. Both men and women can grab her fancy, and seeing them passed into the arms of another can spark great jealousy.

Despite the restrictions upon natural human desire, Endellion is a dedicated priestess who truly believes in the power of her god. The teachings of his mouthpieces are upheld as the moral standard by Endellion, and her views are relatively conservative as a result. However, she does not turn a hateful eye towards anyone who violates her ideals. In fact, they spur her curiosity onward. Rebellion is made all the more interesting when she feels unable to execute it. Even as a child, she dared to dream of what experiences one might have outside her tiny scope of a world.


Endellion was born to a middle-class family of farmers, raised by the couple for only a few years before signs of cerebral palsy began to manifest within her leg at the age of 3, which eventually ceased to function on a muscular level. She was brought to the church in the hopes that she could be healed, but the current priest regretfully informed the couple that such injuries were outside their abilities. She was taken in by the priests for continued care, during which time her memories of possessing parents were buried. The couple decided to leave her be, lest they distract her from her studies.

Even at an early age, Endellion proved herself a valuable pupil. An eagerness to be taught in combination with a sharp memory made her near-ideal for her future role. To the child, the church was her entire world. The wider scope of things was barely a concept that occurred to her, until she began to memorize important stories and events. The concept of living outside the temple was strange to her, and it encouraged her to imagine such a life. Those daydreams and brainstorms kept her very busy, and the priests began to bring her more relics of the outside world. Books written by common-folk, beautiful artwork of gorgeous scenery, and definitively a horse that she rode on in order to receive her first tour of the village. It seemed more magical to her than anything she'd been taught before.

After her initial introduction to the outside world, she was permitted to interact with visitors more frequently and assist them with their plights under watchful eyes of the more experienced. Endellion took a liking to other people, which truly secured her suitability for the role she'd been training for. However, her physical disability also made her vulnerable to the cruelty and scorn of others, particularly those her age. The staff of the temple wouldn't allow her to act with true independence, wishing to guard her innocent and cheerful spirit from attacks by spiteful people.

Because she was so sheltered from criticism, her eventual rise to head priestess brought some amount of shock to her. For all her knowledge and kindness, her knees easily buckled in the face of animosity. Even in adulthood, her "family" kept a protective hand braced upon her shoulder to pull her away from the poison.

When the war began, she scarcely understood conflict. The array of death and misery was startling to her, and forced her to develop a few layers of skin in order to assist in healing the injured. She played a substantial role in blessing their harvests, healing their wounded and giving hope to the miserable. Her birth father was one of many casualties, and she unknowingly comforted her own mother with blessings of her god and stories of similar hardship. In the time of conflict, the temple's detachment from the reality of war allowed them to remain kind and patient within stressful times. The virtues that she was taught during the war did not fade with its passing.

Favourite Sayings

"May you flourish."
"I have a story for this very occasion."
"Being a sheep isn't a fault. It simply means that you are content."
"You're going to grow to be a beautiful sunflower."
"I would love to have more animals here. It seems appropriate for the theme of nature."

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Up for discussion boys ^^

Equipment and Items

-Walking stick. Does not double up as a weapon.
-Every single book in the temple's possession.
-A leather pouch akin to a handbag.

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