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Summary: Gotta keep the herd fed

Morgan Bridger

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: Farmers

Race and Employment


Farmhand on the Van Well's family farm.


Hard working, kind hearted, and flirty. He is well built, and is very obediant. His height and strength help him with laborious jobs.


Not the brightest man, and doesn't have good spelling or writing skills. He can come off as arrogant, and over-charismatic.

Physical Appearance

He is tall, with blonde, medium length hair, and a muscular frame. He has a few scars from the war, but they are rarely visible. He has a farmers tan, and brown eyes, as well as somewhat nice teeth.

Personality and interests

He just came back from the war, so he is still getting used to the peacefulness. He often takes walks around the village, just to check things out. He is a simple minded man, and doesn't care for luxuries. He would rather be plying his skills than relaxing.


He was born and raised in Warfall, although most of his time was spent in the mining area of the village. His father was a miner, and his mother was a priestess. Today, both his parents are retired, and living in the hills by the mines. He served in the war, fighting on the front-lines with the foot soldier. It had to be luck, because he lacked the skills of a fighter to survive the war. Since then, he has been hired as a farmhand on the Van Well farm.

Favourite Sayings

Back to herding sheep.
Who need luxuries when you do what you love?

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He is an employee under the management of Claire Van Well.
His mother was a priestess, so he would most likely be known by the priests and priestesses of the church.

Equipment and Items

Walking stick

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Image of Morgan Bridger
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