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Summary: For some she came in a dream. For others in words as clear as a bell: it is time; I am here.

Miri Lana

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Gender: Female

Age: 92

Group: Priest/Priestesses

Race and Employment

Elf Maiden - Dridionet Priestess
Officiates in sacred rites, serves the spiritual needs of the community.
Dridione is the Goddess of Peace (dry•dye•oh•knee)


Has a peaceful aura about her
Consoles those grieving the loss of loved ones,
Modest healing spells
Her life is rich in dreams, intuition, ritual, feminine leadership and a connection to the divine.


Cannot hold strong drink
Terrified of dogs and cats, be they pets or feral
Having lived through more years than most in the village, she often assumes, erroneously, that she’s capable of restoring peace to all
Suffers from what we now would call OCD tendencies

Physical Appearance

Tall slender figure of a highborn Elf
Fair skin with delicate facial features
Laterally elongated pale gray eyes
Short golden hair and long graceful fingers
She wears elven raiment of finely spun silk embroidered with soft gossamer runes

Personality and interests

Miri is known for having a heightened contact to other realms through intuition and dreams. Residence of Warfall and the neighboring community seek counsel from priestesses such as herself to know what actions to take in their lives. Miri enjoys this interaction, but she has interests outside of her religious calling. (I’d rather explore those in game.)


She has worshiped Dridione, the Goddess of Peace, since she was very young, but her goddess does not require exclusive devotion. Her people, however, did require strict conformity to Elven customs and traditions, some of which Miri found to be incompatible and upsetting to her own convictions. She arrived in Warfall roughly sixty years ago and the people have proven to be quite tolerant in their spiritual and racial views. She served as a sister of the temple for some time, Priestess when her time came and High Priestess for two decades.

Favourite Sayings

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

A priestess is a woman who helps others connect to the divine so they can heal and actualize their soul’s unique path.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

She’s been in the village of Warfall for longer than most of the adults so they’d all know her. As she comforts the grieving, she’d not likely have run afoul of the villagers. Her religious duties and spiritual commitments do not prevent her from intimate relationships or even marriage so long as peace and serenity are upheld.

Equipment and Items

Heiress of keys to the Well of Souls (a shrine on Godecola Atoll)

Concordant Coils - Golden bands or bindings worn on the lower arms and wrists which are said to invoke Dridione’s power as a shield

Rolled metallic staff with extensive etching- delicate and divine

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Image of Miri Lana
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