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Summary: Orcs aren't usually so strange, my apologies.


Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Adventurers

Race and Employment



Agility, he's quick and good with dodging/staying out of sight
Keen sense of hearing, smell


Doesn't like a lot of attention or having to stick up for himself
He is used to rejection.

His intelligence is a little below average having no tutoring and being illiterate, but he loves learning

Physical Appearance

Pale green skin
5'8'' (helps blend him in)
Skinny, average muscle
Small Tusks
Three long black braids

Personality and interests

Being outdoors
Carving statuettes, pendants, and figurines
He's always wanted things he can't have, resulting in him easily taking things that aren't his.

He is a nice, quiet man for an orc. When he speaks it's almost a whisper and he rarely raises his voice unless in a dire situation. He takes nature and hunting very seriously as it keeps him out of trouble.
He tends to steal things without a second thought but he is trying to fight this. And since he doesn't notice, he's very good about not having other people notice so he can get away with it. Stealing wasn't good or honest and he hated it.

He lacks belief in himself in anything outside hunting and knows to keep his mouth shut. He is aware his appearance has almost no relation to being an orc.


Raised in one of the greatest power-holding families in the orc stronghold of Sraerderham Fort (translated to Iron Fort), Gholis was not treated as an equal due to his halfling blood. In reality, his father just never liked him for his un-orc-like interests. He was cast aside and forced to work the stables, out of sight and out of mind, while his three older brothers became honorable warriors in the Order of the Orcan Knights.

While having to provide for himself to keep alive, his kleptomania got the best of him and he stole a valuable ring from the market. This resulted in him having to make a choice: go out into a world he has barely known or be executed in his very place of birth. He chose to run. His brother Glasgoh, the only one who was ever kind to him, barely convinced the court that the escaped thief had "stolen a valuable item" and "was a danger to them should he return", so bringing him to justice and returning the item was only fair. This, of course, was all a lie.
He ran off with his youngest brother, the one their people considered weak, the runt, to protect, teach, and guide him in a fearful world.

Gholis wasn't weak, he just wasn't strong in the ways they wanted him to be.

The brothers have made it to Warfall where they know about the lush forest nearby for hunting and hope other opportunities await.
Gholis still hasn't given up on the idea that one day his family might accept him.

Favourite Sayings

"I know I'm not like them."

Relationships with Others in Warfall


Equipment and Items

Short Bow
Fur Armor
"Mystery Meat" jerky
Silver flask
Hunting knife
A wooden pendant he made with his family crest, Shailwin

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Image of Gholis
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