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Summary: I live for the fun, for the music, for the food, for the people. I live for the world.


Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment





Alto's body is adorned from head to toe in mystical marks and tattoos that shift and warp as if each design had a mind of its own. Should Alto will it, these tattoos will take very specific shapes, allowing him to cast the spell with which the mark corresponds with.

Alto is also an avid martial artist, and as powerful as his marks can be, he prefers using his hands and feet should he be suddenly thrust into combat.

Rather good with animals, even wild ones. He knows a few charm spells as well, in case his Forest ventures go awry.


Alto suffers from aquaphobia. While his fear is generated by deep and expansive waters, Alto has a knack for getting over fears, especially in times of peril. However, his fear becomes crippling when he faces the possibility of being submerged. The thought of being surrounded by water left at the mercy of the current is one he can not bear to think.

Alto occasionally has nightmares in which is pulled under the waves by some mysterious and dreadful force, defenseless to what, to him, seems like imminent doom. Alto has never even bothered to try and learn how to swim, each occasional moment where his head may go under is terrifying enough in his own right.

Physical Appearance

Alto stands at six feet exactly and bears brown toned skin, darkened by nature and years of exposure to it. His hair is wild and untamed like that of a lion's mane, and as a sort of price for Alto's Mark-Master abilities (along with a few unclarified curses), his hair has lost all saturation, being reduced to a snowy white.

Alto's body, due to the wear of countless adventures, hardships, and general life as a wanderer has adjusted to hard times, making him a bit faster and stronger than the average person his age. Alto's clothes are an assortment of custom tailored and randomly dyed cloths, some of them matching the shapes his tattoos sometimes assume; his arms and legs are intentionally uncovered to increase mobility and erase the possibility of any clothing malfunctions.

As aforementioned, Alto's body is covered in moving tattoos. The unique mask he wears, a relic from the depths of a forgotten crypt, also bears marks that shift like the ones on his body. These ones, however, shift in correspondence to Alto's emotions, moving slowly and steadily when content, stretching out jaggedly when surprised or excited, and writhing uncontrollably when Alto either experiences great pain or undergoes fits of rage.

Personality and interests

Alto normally resides in peaceful silence, often not speaking unless spoken to unless he feels his input is critical to the situation. It is not because he is afraid to speak to others, but rather because he respects other peoples boundaries, never forcing himself into things that don't concern him. He has stories to tell but finds much more joy in hearing the stories of others. Simply being around other people tends to be good enough for him.

Alto also happens to have a fondness of natural and expansive areas, often becoming momentarily entranced by the sounds and sights. When given the opportunity, he will not hesitate to scale trees and cliffs, the higher he is, the happier he is.


Alto grew up as the son of farmers in a land foreign and distant to that of Warfall. As Alto grew, his parents encouraged him to take up a trade, farming or shepherding, and for a time, he responded with their wishes. After a while, though, Alto found the countryside just wasn't big enough for him. He wandered further and further every day, until the fateful day he stepped onto a false bit of earth and fell into a cave, emerging a half day later with a pound of gold. It was then that Alto knew he had to put his adventurous habits to use. He gave up shepherding and became a full-time explorer. He found tombs and crypts but by far his most significant find of that of the Temple of Shifting Skin, which resided in a place referred to as the Valley That Shall Not Be Named. There he found an old dying monk. Due to previous exploits, Alto was in possession of a relic called the Skin-Shifter's Mask, and because of this, the monk agreed to teach him the art of Marks. After a series of precarois trials, Alto earned the title of Mark-Master, and the monk, his final wish of giving his gift to someone else fufuilled, passed away. Alto left the temple continued his seemingly never-ending adventure. Warfall happens to be his latest stop in this adventure,

Favourite Sayings

"I think we all have marks. You just can't see yours."

"I'm just going North."

"If I were you, I'd move."

Relationships with Others in Warfall

None, he is new to the village.

Equipment and Items

Item Pouch
Long Dagger

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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