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Summary: My people don't define me, my honor does.


Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Soldiers

Race and Employment



Sword/Shield Combat
Wisdom and negotiating
Enjoys doing a shield bash movement in battle which temporarily stuns or knocks down his opponent


Fears losing his honor but doesn't want to lose his brother either
He hates being in the dark

Physical Appearance

Dark green skin
6'0'' and muscular
Black combed back hair/facial hair
Two pale scars stretch across his forehead
A short sleeved tunic that falls close to his ankles
Wears leather armor, a number of fine elven fabrics on his waist with a thick belt
Iron arm guards
A single golden earring

He looks less orc than his brothers but is fully blooded.

Personality and interests

Likes combat training and helping people.

He is kind-hearted like his brother but looks more intimidating. He has to put on a mask for the orcs. Unlike Gholis, he was given extensive tutoring and secretly studied a good amount of the Elvish tongue. This is because the orcs generally dont like other races so he is still getting used to the diversity. He will give everyone respect regardless and is a good helping of honest and loyal... except for when he lied to his people. That was for the greater good.

Like the rest of the Orcan Knights, he carries a sense of pride in the way he walks and talks and could come off the wrong way. He is prideful of his knighthood and protective of Gholis.


The Order of the Orcan Knights was a dream for any orc youngling in the hold, and being from an affluent family helped make that dream a reality. Though, for the Shailwin's, it was a mandatory stage in life. If their children didnt pursue it they were dishonoring the name. Glasgoh didn't want to be a knight and a soldier like his two older brothers but he did it anyway to please his family.

All the while his youngest brother toiled away scooping horse manure and running errands for those in a higher caste. Glasgoh was always kind to him when nobody looked, and when he got in serious trouble and fled, Glasgoh stepped forward and barely convinced his father (who was joint ruling with another powerful orc family) that the halfling scum was a threat to the fort should he return, him being keen in "robbery" and an "endangerment to them".

Glasgoh set off to search for his brother only to guide him on his journey as his sword and shield, whatever journey that may be.

And seeing as the the powerful fort vowed to remain neutral in wars as much as possible, they did not help fight with the Warfall side even when they were urged. The history of them not fighting even when their forces were strong and wouldve made a great impact still sticks with them as a negative reputation.

Right now, nobody is too fond of the orcs in Fort Sraederham.

Favourite Sayings

"Life may not be fair but you always have a choice, a way around things."

Relationships with Others in Warfall


Equipment and Items

Medium steel shield with a Shailwin crest engraving
An orcish sword
Other than this he tries to travel lightly

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Image of Glasgoh
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