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Summary: A loved and much needed companion


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Gender: Mail

Age: 4

Group: Pets/Other

Race and Employment

Lyra’s companion.


He’s a good sence of smell and is usually a good judge of caricter.


Artimis is exstremly attached to Lyra, he can be over protective. But he is lost her partner in crime when it comes to finding interesting mischief.

Physical Appearance

Artimis is a little smaller then the average wolf his fur is jet black. He has exspencive bright green eyes.

Personality and interests

Artimis follows Lyra everywhere he is sweet as long as there is not threat to Lyra. He can be a bit clumsy witch can lead to some halarous situations.


Artimis was rased by Lyra after she found him abandoned by his parents. Sence then he and Lyra have been inseparable.

Favourite Sayings

He makes a range of sounds his favorite is howling.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Artimis only really knows Lyra and the others in the temple. Sence Lyra dose not veter far into town often nether dose he.

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Image of Artimis
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