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Summary: Either you Fight, or Stand Down.

Yrsa Gierdmonsson

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Soldiers

Race and Employment

Human Soldier


Very strong (more so than her brother)
Hand to hand, heavy weapons
Quick movements
Cold resistance


Fears her brother dying

Physical Appearance

Very Muscular Build
Wide shoulders
Half shaved raven hair
Long black robe w/ fur trim
Wolf pelt around shoulders
Fur boots
Leather arm wraps
Black warpaint around eyes

Personality and interests

Yrsa is a woman of kindness hardened far too much by her upbringing. She is understanding and a good listener, always willing to offer her bits of wisdom. When she isn't willing to talk or have casual joking she is violent and intimidating in every way, much like her brother. She adores children and families.


Following her brother as they rebelled, Yrsa became his voice, She shows him compassion but sheer wrath like a god comes out when either are challenged. She has been at his side since they escaped, a rescue which she barely made out alive. There is much else to what happened back home, like the eldest brother Dyri, but she is silent about it and refusing much questioning about their past.

They are now returning from the war to a land that isn't their own, that they never belonged to, but they shed blood for.

Favourite Sayings

"That's quite enough."
"Either you fight or stand down."
"These hands are covered in justice, vengeance, and far too much blood for me to keep count."

Relationships with Others in Warfall


Equipment and Items

Gierdmonsson pendant
Two hand axes, Della and Dorian

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Image of Yrsa Gierdmonsson
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