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Summary: Treasures, Treasures, more Treasures for Crow Skeldergate.

Crow Skeldergate

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult (For a Bird)

Group: Pets/Other

Race and Employment

Thief, Adventurer, and Nuisance to all


He has an extremely high intelligence, even for a crow, which means he is crafty, well thought, and has an amazing memory. He is able to speak in broken english, and understands currency, trade, and the value of things. He is sneaky, and is a talented pickpocket, as well as a spy and can decently lock pick doors. He also likes to sing tunes he made, which can distract opponents.


As a crow, he is not as physically strong as humanoids. He often carries a little pouch of his "treasures" wherever he goes, which ends up being a burden. He is nervous about losing his treasures, and tries to find excellent hiding places for them. He has an attraction to shiny objects, and a gimme gimme personality when he sees something interesting. He is very annoying, and his talking sometimes ends up being too difficult to understand.

Physical Appearance

He is an average sized bird, with a wingspan of 90cm. His eyes are beady black, just like his feathers, and he has grew clawed feet. His beak has a few scratches on the right side.

Personality and interests

Pesky, annoying and arrogant, Skeldergate enjoys bothering others, simply for the fun of it. He often hums tunes and limerick, some of which he penned himself. Even though his english is broken, he still loves chatting up a storm. He follows adventurers whenever they go on quests, possibly to steal their "treasures" once they are killed, or just for curiosities sake. Crow comes off as greedy, and will often steal shiny objects for his collection. He understands the workings of currency, so he will often fly into town with a few coins just to buy something, and to expand his interactions. He loves hiding in the trees, and distracting travelers, he even pretends to be town crier in the middle of the night, to wake everyone up. He has an excellent memory, which often leads to him thinking about his past. He also loves to pickpocket people, and pick the locks on doors.


Crow was plucked from his nest in the Skeldergate forests of the west as a egg, by an old hermit scientist. He was trained from a hatchling on to speak, pick locks, and other such abilities as part of the scientists research. The scientist worked for a few hours, then slept for a few hours, because of a phobia of being attacked in his sleep, which meant that he could feel safe awake more often. Crow was taught to read a sun dial outside of the hermits house through the window, so he could wake the hermit up at 3 hour intervals. As age pressed onwards for the hermit, he realized that he couldn't let his beloved bird be locked inside the home. So over a span of two months, he taught Skeldergate all he could about surviving in the wild, thieving, and using currency. The scientist left his window open for Crow to leave after the final lesson, but Crow waited. A sudden stroke caused the hermit to leave his body, and feeling true loss for the first time, Crow fled. All the documents the scientist wrote on was left behind, for whoever would discover his body.

Crow flew east, over mountains, and through forest, collecting items of interest and calling them treasure. He saw many animals that he never knew existed, but none like him. One faithful morning, he was flying through the forested canopy, when he came across a black bird, who looked just like him. He followed the bird through the trees, and after a scuffle between the pair, leading to the scars on his beak, he befriended the fellow crow. Skeldergate and the female crow, who was named Noire, made their way to the town of Warfall, where other birds spoke of the beautiful mountains, and the tranquil lake. But before they arrived, Noire was plucked from the sky. A well aimed arrow, right through the chest, ended her life in an instant. As she fell, Skeldergate followed, landing onto the snow covered ground beside her. As he mourned his loss, the hunter had drawn his bow, and aimed it towards his next target. Without thinking, Crow lunged, dodging a zipping arrow and the flails of the hunters dagger, to land onto the face of the man. He rammed his talons into the mans eyes, and clawed with vigor. The now blinded man flailed to get Crow off, and ended up tripping over his own feet. The dagger slipped out of his hands, and landed vertically underneath where is neck was about to land. The dagger pierced the hunters neck, and in an instant, panic and breathing ceased. Crow stood stunned for a moment, for he had killed a man. He had hunted bugs and mice, but never man. He took a few blood soaked coins that spilled out of the mans pocket, put them with his treasures, and flew away.

A day later, he flew across the lake, and was finally in the midst of Warfall. The tall tales were true, a glorious sight it was, like heaven, or at least the beauty of it. He perched on the roof of one of the houses, and built his nest into a hollow section of the houses roof. That is where he stayed since, pestering others to distract him from his losses.

Favourite Sayings

"Good Morning Everyone." (At 3:AM in the morning)
"Let me grab my Treasures."
"Wonderous, more Treasures to keep."
"Sneaky like a barn owl, smart like a man, the clever Crow Skeldergate, with their treasures in my hand." (Little tune he made himself, said once he pickpockets someone. [Hand refers to talon])

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Most of the town know him as a nuisance, although shop keepers like selling things to such a strange customer.

Equipment and Items

His bag of Treasures, containing silver and bronze coins, shiny metals, and other such trinkets.

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