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Summary: A young mage with nothing left and much to do.

Severos Aven

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Adventurers

Race and Employment

Human Wizard


Severos, while not a powerful wielder, is an adept practitioner of the Art. While trained in the Schools, he is particularly fond of both Transmutation and Illusion; Evocation and Abjuration are his second tools of work when he needs to defend or attack.


Severos is not particularly strong physically, preferring the potency of his spells to aid him. While not outright fearing large bodies of water, Severos is deathly afraid of the ocean. He also fears spiders, believing them to signify entropy and the coming of dark fates.

Physical Appearance

Slim build, short dark hair, 5'6". Prefers to wear common clothes when not practicing the Art.

Personality and interests

Severos prides himself on what knowledge he does have on his Art, always seeking to further his knowledge and those he can trust to not destroy years of work. Severos harbors a wary attitude to any who freshly approach him. While he doesn't wish to distance himself from others, he always fears of the eventual discovery of his possession, fragmented as it is, of Forbidden Knowledge.


Born in the Mih District of Amanap, Severos was the only child of a modest merchant house. Since early age, he was fascinated with story books of dragons roaring with flame in ultimate belligerence, knights whose pious deeds knew none superior, and the shattering of earth and heaven as great wielders of magic dueled to the death. This and his father's greatest collection of books would have him seek tutelage at the Miekrannis College when he began his adolescence.

Seven long years, Severos poured mind and body into his teachings, eventually succeeding at casting a Light spell. With proud and arrogant resolve, he believed himself ready for the College's true knowledge; a fantasy he regretted through the school's grueling Art courses. Capable of learning quickly and always seeking practice, he was one of only a modest few who were deemed potential Masters.

Chaos would shatter his world. With the war now growing in size, it was only a matter of time before the College itself would be targeted. Five years of tutelage had lend him an understanding of adventure, as well as the larger consequences of conflict. Much to his own regret, he did not join the defense of the grounds and was instead quickly stowing what books and scrolls he could from the libraries.

Severos stole away from a dark enemy he never knew into the fire lit night. He did not rest easy until miles of sea were the only sight one could and could not stand. It was here that the young adept learned of his grave and terrible possession: a spell grimiore containing the coldness of undeath. He knew it to be forbidden, but by its age he knew it to perhaps be a last copy of some old warlock. Severos knew better than to read from it lest he learned too much of a spell but vowed to carry the College's last forgotten lore with him.

Fate would have his grimiore nearly destroyed at sea, when fires eventually sank the ship he boarded. Only a few pages remained.

Fortunately for young Severos, he washed upon shore before he could die. Now earning coin to live to the day, he seeks only a new home. Perhaps, one worth having.

Favourite Sayings

Never suffer an idiot in my presence but suffer ignorance.

I'm a wizard, not a...

Wrong choice, now see the right one.

Books are never lent, only given as a gift.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He treats Phronesis with respect. However he does feel that the sphinx cannot handle the tantalizing evil within the Mortith and has vowed to still protect it, now alongside Phronesis.

He has begun to feel familiar with Lyra, becoming familiar with her. He feels some sort of affection for her after she helped Severos survive the awakening of the Mortith.

Equipment and Items

Dagger, common clothes, journeyman mage robes, few satchel pouches, and one hawthorne wand.

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