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Summary: An older man on a mission for coin so he can have what he never had before.

Jinerev Kvatx

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Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment



His Only real skill since sustaining a leg injury is his knack for the trade of trading


In the past he had sustained a major leg injury during a session of combat and can no longer support him self for a long time with out a can

Physical Appearance

Steve Bushimi's evil cousin

Grayed Slicked Back Hair

Wrinkled Face

No Facial Hair

Surprisingly White Teeth for a man of his age

Personality and interests

His personality is that of a lone grumpy old man who never really had love or any symbolance of such "commodities" but sercertly wants a family and thinks they only way to it is money and he wont let anything in between him nut times can be hard and thinks he will need allies to crush his future "enemies"


When he was younger he thought the path to the easy life would be to serve on the front lines for sometime show his intellect and become a high ranking officer and live a cushy life that way but on his first tour he lost most of his function in his right leg and was medically discharged and since then he became a merchant as it was his #2 option but since the war times have been hard and is looking for "business partners"

Favourite Sayings

"a fat coin purse and a limp is better than an empty one with a self righteous smile" (its basically roasting adventures who dont do much)

Relationships with Others in Warfall

No real strong connections with anyone but is looking for some "Business connections" in which he found one a fellow man of coin whom he hired to guard him (Seran Vaulps)

Equipment and Items

His cane

Small bag of Coin

higher class clothing tho it seems like he has been wearing these for awhile

a long black overcoat that hangs down t his ankles

Small Rectangular Glasses

basic shoes

and a hat with a large flat brimm

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