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Summary: Seran Vaulps is a tall, tough merc who can't stand nonhumans, and utilizes both mobility a power

Seran Vaulps

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment


Mercenary/Freelance Bounty Hunter


Strong and Athletic, I am skilled at doing combat with a greatsword, and my maneuvers and swordplay are more focused towards killing people rather than monsters.


I have a great amount of pride, and It doesn't take much to annoy me.

I am deathly afraid of water, as I cannot swim.

Physical Appearance

I am a large, towering, and muscular man who is equipped with a claymore and is wearing leather armor for the ease of mobility. I have a short, thin beard that covers my face, and my short, brown locks have been cut to a manageable length.

Personality and interests

I dislike all races save for humans, and believe that we should be at the pinnacle of the world, with all other races as subservients.

I have a strong sense of heroic justice, but only for humanity.

At the end of the day, I'm fine with a warm meal, a dry bed, and some money in my pocket.


After witnessing the terrible truths of war at a young age, I grew up with an innate hatred for nonhumans. Using my large build, I began learning the greatsword in my teens. I took this knowledge into adulthood, where I often took bounty hunting jobs against nonhumans as a sort of twisted payback. After several years, I was lead to a simple merchant...

Favourite Sayings

"That one's mine!"


*Counting kills

Relationships with Others in Warfall

I was recently hired by a merchant. This man was in need of protection.

Equipment and Items

A claymore

Dark leather armor


A simple pack for carrying my supplies

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