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Summary: We're safe, aren't we?


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Gender: Female

Age: Teenager-Sub-Adult (In Draconian Age)

Group: Pets/Other

Race and Employment

Inhabits Stonehall, roams the halls as the so-called guardian.


She has bluish red, fiery breath, which can cause extreme burns upon contact. She is silent, and can lay hidden in any area she knows well. The thoughts and voice in her head can give her advice, similar to a much-knowing conscious. She is swift, silent, and has an excellent sense of hearing and smell. She is smart and efficient with her actions, always trying to get things done as quickly as possible.


She is weaker than most dragons, since she has a smaller size and frame. She has strange thoughts, and voices in her head, which can be a distracting nuisance. She is skittish, and afraid of being harmed. She can be triggered into a flurry of rage based on the thoughts in her head. The view out of her left eye is somewhat misty, due to past injuries. Her actions may end up being a spur of the moment decision, meaning she may slip up, or make some regrettable decisions.

Physical Appearance

She is about thirty feet long, head to tail, and is very thin for a dragon, especially one who has recently laid an egg. She has thick, black scales, and rows of small, bumpy spikes on her back. Her long, slender head is adorned with a crest of spikes, and she has jagged teeth in her mouth. She has many scratches, claw marks, and burns, from the physical treatment she received over the years. Her misty eye, and her sight struggles are also a side-effect. Her wings are grand, and night-like, although they have some tears and slits in them. Her lizard like eyes are a shade of lava-like red, although a strangely misty, cloud-like blue substance floats inside the pupils of her wounded left eye.

Personality and interests

Cathenae is a simple dragon, only desiring the bare minimum, and concerned only with her and her eggs well-being. She often acts mad because of the voice, and her time is spent coping with it. She tests her skills in fighting on the old training dummies in the fort, as well as the deer she occasionally hunts. She likes being out of the hall and having a breath of fresh air, but stays because of it being a perfect home for her future hatchling. She lacks self confidence, years of abuse wrongfully conditioned her into a dependant, worthless female dragon, something she never wanted to be in her younger years.


Abandoned as a hatchling, Cathenae had to scrounge for her place in the world. Her youth was spent attacking undefended caravans, and catching deer to live off of, while digging a burrow each night to garner the rare sleeps. Those years taught her how to endure, and to survive as a solo hunter. That all changes when she was plucked out of her quaint territory, literally, and taken by a larger, brutish dragon; who was three times her size and age; as a breeding object. She spent several years being thrown around, shoved, scratched, and abused in an attempt for him to empower his addiction to his domination loving ego. Him being the great scourge of men, the mighty Chronos. His tales as the destroyer of kingdoms, and the slayer of traitors earned him a grim, nightmarish reputation. Through those years, she was forcefully bred with multiple times, but couldn't conceive. Every time they failed earned her more pain. As they travelled the lands, she found her way to an territory known as Varland, where she snuck off from Chronos, and met a fellow dragon, one of the mud, who she spent a few hours with to breed. She never told Chronos of this, and once she returned to his side submissively, they continued on. She had desired to find her true mate since, but knew that Chronos would find her if she did so. A month had passed, and with news of her pregnancy, which she told Chronos it was his, the task was required to find a nesting home. Being that a dragon egg takes four months to develop in the womb, and three years to hatch, the task of finding a nesting site was top priority for Chronos. Since the war had drawn the soldiers out of Warfall, the old fort was open for occupation, after spending a week digging a narrow entrance into the side of the mountain, Cathenae was once again forced into a home she never wanted. After laying her egg, the ceasefire against abusive actions had halted, and the violent acts had returned. As the months passed, the abuse caused greater injuries, such as partial blindness, and tears in her wings. That was when the voice came, randomly in the night, after a long hour of abusive striking, telling her she was strong, yet stupid. She had no control of the voice, it just forced its way into her thoughts and dreams, telling her she was a submissive coward, and should do something. One of the nights, when the voice was stronger, she heard it call her to kill Chronos. The weak spot of every dragon is a deft stab into the ear hole, was the whisper it shared. That night, she snuck over to Chronos's favorite resting place, next to the soothing sound of the river inside the fort, and deftly impaled his ear with her spiked talon. The last noise he made was a cry of agony, followed by his instantaneous death. She rolled the body against the ledge, broke the railings, and sent his corpse falling fifty feet into the deep waters of the river, where his body drifted towards the opening into the outside, and his corpse currently guards the boundary between Stonehall and the outer-lands. Around a year has passed since, with her thoughts being clouded by the harassment of the voice. Telling her to beware the villagers, and that the war will soon end. And with the war done, the people will be wanting their fort back.

Favourite Sayings

“Get out of my head, get out!”

“What do we do now?”

“We are our own Queen, and we make our rules.”

“When will they come? They better not. I need them to stay away.”

Relationships with Others in Warfall

She has no friends in the town beneath her. To her, everyone is an enemy. The people of the town have little knowledge that she lives in the hall, but are angered at whoever has stolen it.

Equipment and Items

She carries no personal items, other than the coins, trinkets, and other valuables gathered from within the halls of the fort. Her egg is still being guarded, and is nearing the hatching stage. It is a brownish creamy color, with jagged bumps pointing upward, and a diameter of around 3 feet. An egg of this quality has high value, and is of extreme rarity, which is why it is guarded devotedly, since the top target for thieves is the mothers beloved.

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Image of Cathenae
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