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Summary: Val has a cheerful, happy-go-lucky demure. But at moments, one might see a bit of melancholy.

Val Wordweaver, (Valentin Valorius)

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment

An Half-Elf, who of late has made a living as a Traveling Minstrel with other useful skills.
Note! In game when Val performs, I will be using videos, usually from Youtube, as a representative of the songs that he is playing and singing. Remember Val can only play his lute and sing in his tenor voice or play his flute. Thus his actual in game performance will be likely take a simpler form then that being played in the videos I have chosen. The same will go with any stories he does tell. So just 'open up a link in new tab' to listen to what is playing.


Musically gifted with flute, lute and singing voice, as well as being a fine storyteller. Charismatic, perceptive and if need be, cunning. A highly skilled lock & trap smith. He is an above average swordsman, but far better with a bow. Via his city militia training. That he began training in at the age of 15.


He can be a bit of a peacock that doesn't suffer fools gladly. He hates snakes and spiders.

Physical Appearance

When the man stands and stretches, during one of his breaks, You can see he is a inch short of six feet in height and wiry of build. With dark auburn curly hair and charismatic green eyes. He is left handed, for you will notice he plays his lute that was made for someone right handed, upside down and backwards. The way he learned it in his youth. His clothes are slightly travel worn, though
clean. He dark brown tooled leather jerkin over a long puffy sleeved
off-white Poet's Shirt. With matching dark brown breeches. At his waist is a belt.
On which was a sheathed dagger, and several pouches of different sizes. As well as cuffed knee high boots. With the left one having a sheathed dagger concealed with in it. All of dark brown leather. He has a finer outfit in his backpack. Which he only wears when entertaining for high class clientele.

Personality and interests

Val has a cheerful, happy-go-lucky demure. But at moments, especially when playing certain laments. One might see a bit of melancholy come slipping through. Hinting, as with other things, at some sort of tragedy in his past. Then again, who among us hasn't been touched by some sort of tragedy or heartbreak? After all, it is a grim and perilous world.


Val grew up in family that were partners with a pair of dwarven brothers. In a Lock and Trapsmithing Business. In the city of Reedsport, that lay far to the east on the Sunrise Sea. In which the half-elf trained an apprenticeship and journeymanship in. Becoming a skilled Lock & Trapsmith at the age of 24 and marrying soon after. Which was swiftly followed by a baby girl.
Val had always been musically inclined. Playing tunes by ear on a penny whistle from the age of 4. And was given a lute by his paternal grandfather, on his ninth birthday. Soon after he could play by ear any tune he had heard more then once. When he was only 13. A traveling minstrel, who regularly pasted through Reedsport. Heard Val playing music during his lunch break, on the businesses back loading dock. The traveling minstrel, who was impressed with what he had heard. Thus, whenever he was in Reedsport. He would mentor the young half-elf. When Val came of age, he would play with his musical mentor, when he performed there.
When Val was twenty five a great calamity befell not only him, his family and countless others in that metropolis and the surrounding countryside and beyond. Plague, that had been brought by foreign trading ships. Swept through the city. A plague that took from him almost of those he cared for, An all of those that he loved most dearly. With himself only surviving after a long touch and go near thing. Ending in more then six months of convalescence. No one of his immediate family survived. Of his over all family Only a Uncle. his father's younger brother and his three son's, who had been out of the city installing a good number of locks and traps in a Lord's country manor house, did survive. Once recovered, Val was inconsolable and did not wish to go on living. For everywhere he looked their where so many memories of that of which he had lost. Then his Traveling Minstrel Mentor came and took Val away, on the road him. The half-elf spent more then a year learning the rope of the Traveling Minstrel trade. Only a month ago he struck out on his own.

Favourite Sayings

It is only music that can evoke our laughter, our tears, our fears and our highest aspirations!

Relationships with Others in Warfall

He is a stranger. Unless some that are there saw him performing with his mentor elsewhere, many miles away at some Inn or Tavern.

Equipment and Items

Beside his attire described above, he
With in easy reach would be a stack of his belongings. Which would include his backpack. With his longsword in it's scabbard attached, so that it is easily accessible to be quickly drawn. As well as a bow and quiver of arrows. On which would be a neatly folded reversible dark green/black weather-proof hooded cloak and a dark green beret with a large raven feather stuck in it's brow.

He also has a roan color gelding riding horse named 'Sure Hooves' With bridle, harness, saddle and saddlebags.

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