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Summary: Gets you where you need to get!!!

Sure Hooves

Owned by:

Gender: Male (Gelding)

Age: 3

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment

Horse, a red roan. As a mount.


Has a lot of endurance and is a steady mount in even the worse terrain. Will kick and bite if attacked, to defend himself and his rider. Doing the same if someone tries to ride him without permission of his usual rider. Or attempts to steal anything attached to him.


Does not like snakes. Gets along with domestic cats better then with dogs.

Physical Appearance

Healthy and strong, with good teeth and no sway back.

Personality and interests

Thinks he is in charge, until otherwise noted.


Val bought him in Reedsport, a little over a year ago. When setting out from there with the half-elf's Traveling Minstrel Mentor.

Favourite Sayings


Relationships with Others in Warfall

Is Val Wordweaver's trusty mount!

Equipment and Items

Reins and bridle, Saddle, Saddlebags in which there are a 1/4 bag of oats, a half eaten carrot and small, somewhat shriveled, apple. Along with a soft leather halter, with a lead rope, curry comb, body brush, rub down towel, feedbag, hoof pick and small hammer to pound in loose horseshoe nails.

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