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Summary: Unintentionally protecting others for more than 35 years :)

Jim Foulweather

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment

Halfling (Hobbit)


Hiding and sneaking
Lightning reflexes
First aid
Throwing stuff (particularly pointy stuff)
Foulweather's curse (see below)


Foulweather's curse (see below).
Powerful enemy.

Physical Appearance

Jim has a rather broad frame for a halfling. His tired brown eyes, puffy cheeks and unattended beard show a man that has not seen himself on a mirror for a long time.
Yet, the way he looks at you, the way he smiles, even his posture radiate charm and friendliness.

He's wearing a worn out leather vest over a linen shirt, his stringy arms are exposed, showing a Raven over a knife tattoo (sign of one of the Western militia). If you see him from the correct angle, you could spot him trying to hide a shy beer belly growing over his waist.
He carries a backpack with a few adventurer's tools, a lamp hanging on the side and rope strung on the other. On his left side, there is a regulation shortsword that doesn't seem to have ever seen use.

Personality and interests

Jim likes to eat and drink, sing and dance. He prefers to talk his way out of trouble rather than use violence.
He will take any job that lets him prove himself, from plowing hectares for a farmer of land to retrieving some ancient artifact from a den.


The Foulweather family carries an ancient curse. No one remembers where it came from; some angry witch, a resentful God, karma perhaps? Bad luck follows them wherever they go, it's ~almost~ never fatal, but whenever something bad could happen to a group of people, it will first befall on the Foulweather.
Noblemen have hired Foulweather family members as lucky charms for generations, which has proven a rather profitable endeavor for the family.
But not Jim, he needed to proof to himself that he was more than just an object, so he left to explore the world.
On the war he saw an opportunity to enrich himself passing messages and packages across enemy lines (for both sides of the conflict).

Now the war is over, and he has collected the debts that we're owed to him. The first thing he wants to do is to pass through Warfall, the town he passed through so many times when working as a messenger, and meet the friends he made along the way.

Favourite Sayings

If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Knows Bourbon the bartender and a few villagers.

Equipment and Items

Short sword
Throwing knives
Adventurer's equipment
Smoking herbs
A bag of silver coins

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