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Summary: Good with blades and carving. Not the easiest person to get close with. But he's got your back.

Henric Cutter

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment

mercenary solider of the first rank. Mostly doing guarded runs for traveling traders.


Good skills with weapons, both in sword and daggers. Have mediocre skills with wood carving, mostly small animals.


Have trust issues, after many his fathers treatment of him.

Afraid of spiders and snakes.

Chronic pessimist.

Physical Appearance

5ft 9 in tall, light skin tone with shoulder long brown hair. Short stubble beard. One green and one blue eye. A scare from the right eye down to his cheek.

Personality and interests

Easy going lad with high spirit. Can't stand unloyalties and have a one strike rule.

Like wood working and refined weapon skills.


Country boy from a farming family. Never got along with his father, after he denied Henric to enlist in the army. His father chose his younger brother to inheriet the family farm. This was the last nail in the coffin and Henric left home shortly after.

Enlisted with the first crew of mercenaries he could find, where he got his first combat training. After 6 months Henric got his first jobs guarding traveling traders.

Favourite Sayings

"Well that's a cock-up"
"Ohh, that didn't go as planned"

Relationships with Others in Warfall

New in town

Equipment and Items

* Sword
* 2 Daggers
* Carving knife
* Heavy leather armor
* Cloak

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