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Summary: Elvish forest witch and healer.

Nadia alistare

Gender: Female

Age: 232

Group: *Place Holder*

Race and Employment

Elvish Forest witch and healer, shopkeeper and store owner

Sells small trinkets for protection good luck ect. and spells out of her shop/ home in the woods out side of town.

Also is called on for magical healing and general medical practice.


Magic of all kinds
Elemental manipulation


Stays away from others as much as possible due to being a empath.

Needs rest after using magic to heal people due yo it draining her energy. Also had a strang nd unrelenting fear of fairy's

Physical Appearance

Long red hair oast her waist
Eyes that change color like a mood ring

Very well built
Slim but with curves

Pointed ears

Dresses in silks
with nature tones

Never has on shoes

Personality and interests

Shes alot like rain
She can be calm anf soft.
Sweet and gentle
Or she can be harsh and crule and all the olaces inbetween. It really depends on what you bring out of her.

Shes is interested in animals, nature, art and healing.


Nafia was a large part of her comunity before the war. She was always in te village helping who ever needed it. Healing the sick or hurt. Playing with children , talking to towns folk ect.
But the war took a toll on her. With so much negativity and harshness she became ill and tired and could barely eave her home. Eventually she stopped leaving all together.
Now that the war has ended she can leave again but she isn't the same. Something in her changed and she needs to heal her self now as wwell as others.

Favourite Sayings

"bad things come in threes, but so do good things."

"all you know is not all there is"

"you get out what you put in"

"dont trust fairy's "

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Was a healer and just generally helpful person before the war.

Equipment and Items

Lots of herbs charms and lots of other things with magical properties.

Always wears a silver necklace with a Celtic charm and cristals on it.

Usually has on lots of silver jewelry and adornments.

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Nadia alistare
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